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A special post today.  About a month ago I was approached by the Community Outreach Director of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance to consider writing a post to bring awareness to Mesothelioma Cancer and a recent victim that lost his battle with cancer.  Most of us have been impacted cancer in some way or another. I do not know or have lost anyone to Mesothelioma Cancer. Mesothelioma cancer is a rare, and aggressive form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.  As a blogger I am blessed that I have a platform in which to share with you stories to bring awareness and support. (more…)

5 Tips to Help You Declutter Your Master Closet

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Hi if you are new here, I’m on a quest to simplify my home this year, organize it and find some order within the chaos. Perhaps that is why you have also find this post.  Here is where I’m at. I moved into my house 12 years ago, of course, the same year my husband and I got married.  Prior to that I had always lived with a roommate.  Well, I guess technically my husband is still like a roommate of sorts plus the three kids we added.  And as you can imagine we have amassed a lot of stuff.  After 12 years in my house with adding the addition of the 3 children and husband most of the time I’m just trying to survive through a daily routine of activity.  This has left many areas of my house in disarray and as result has left me mentally the way. (more…)

Dream Character Conference Panel



I have been eating and sleeping Game of Thrones for the past year and a bit.  Repeat binge watching of the HBO series while concurrently reading the book series to notice the differences. Sometimes subtle sometimes not.  I would actually stay up all night to stand in line to buy tickets to my dream character conference panel if it was comprised of the GOT characters.  Very few people elicit this response in me but these characters and their actions and motivation get me all fired up.   (more…)

Little Heart Notes


This post is more of a personal one in relation to my marriage and husband which I don’t think I have written about much.  Truth, he doesn’t want his photo on my blog and I respect that.  I have struggled with how to depict my family which most definitely includes him and not share too much information.  For those of you who have followed me for the last two years you know that I have taking part inThe Abundant Mama Project and most of my focus has been on me and the kids but living more abundantly includes my husband as well.


Top Posts For 2016: Books and Stickers

Top Posts For 2016: Books and Stickers


Every year I get to the end of December and can hardly believe another year has just flown by.  How does it happen?  It has been a big year for me and the blog.  I love having this blog as my creative outlet and I love sharing it with all of you.  One of the biggest things I did this year was to begin growing my email list and open up the Adalinc to Life Members only page.

I am celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my email list by having a special giveaway only for email subscribers.  My way of saying thank you for joining me, sticking with me as I grow and learn, and being a part of my growing community.  As it grows, I will assess and change as needed.  In looking back over the year I have rounded up my most popular posts just based on page views.  Books and stickers.  Enjoy in case you missed any and see you all in the new year.  (more…)

December Daily Journal and December Intention

December Daily Journal and December Intention

December Daily Journal and Setting a December Intention 

When did it happen?  All of sudden it is December!  In an effort to record our memories and see what we did actually do during the month I have began a December Daily Journal.  As well I have set an intention for this month just as I did last year. Last year’s intention was ENJOY.  You can read about that post here where I wrote about tips for enjoying the holiday season with your family.  The only thing I know I didn’t enjoy last year was having the 24 hour stomach bug on Christmas Eve.  There was no Christmas dinner, boxing day dinner with family at all.  Don’t blame them though but it was hard to give up those traditions.  But, we did have a nice, quiet, relaxing, recovering time for a few days where my family of 5 just hunkered down and enjoyed being at home.  (more…)