DIY Traveler’s Notebook Folder Using Silhouette Machine

DIY Traveler’s Notebook Folder Using Silhouette Machine

It’s like a match made in heaven.  My planner obsession and my silhouette machine.  What can I do with it next?  I already create planner stickers with it.  You can check out my Silhouette posts here and here. Of course I put together youtube videos of them so if you don’t want to miss any please consider subscribing here.  Now on to creating a pocket folder for my recollections traveler’s notebook with my Silhouette machine.

Step 1: Cut files out to create the folders.  There are 2 different files.  One for the main pocket piece and one for the inside pockets.  I always begin with the recommended knife setting by Silhouette.  You will know you machine best.  If I have placed a new knife then everything works just as it should.  After time I do have adjust settings when the knife begins to dull.

Here is what you will have after you have cut out the two files.

Step 2: Remove cut out pieces including the 3 grooves on the bottom of the main folder section and 1 on the top as well as the inside ovals on the pockets. Then find the centre of the main folder piece.  The centre matches up with the centre groove.  Use a sharp edge or a bone file to crease the middle.

Step 3: Using a glue stick or adhesive tape which ever you normally craft/plan with in your house, glue down the pockets onto one side of the paper lining it up with the outer edge & making sure not to cover the middle grooves with the pockets. Only glue down 2 sides.  The bottom side and the side along the outer edge.

Step 4:  All Done!  Decorate to your hearts content and then place in your favourite traveler’s notebook.

Watch my youtube video on the complete process of how I put it together this DIY Traveler’s Notebook pocket folder using my silhouette machine and below download the Silhouette Cut Files to make your own folders at home.

Main Folder Cut File

Inside Pockets Cut File

Once you have put your folders together if you want me to check them out share a picture to my Facebook page.

Or share with me on Instagram or twitter using the #adalincblog.  

Bonnie is an admitted book, planner, craft, coffee and chocoholic. She spends her free time buried in books or craft supplies. When she is not creating she loves helping other women find their creative centre. Former high school teacher now she is the creator and owner of Adalinc to Life Blog and Boutique.

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Magelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies Blog Tour

Magelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies Blog Tour

I’m pleased today to bring you the Blog Tour for the enchanting children’s book written by Louise Courey Nadeau, Magelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies hosted and coordinated by BeachBoundBooks. The tour will run from June 12 – June 30, 2017. *Amazon Links in the post are not mine.  I don’t make a commission if you click on them.* 

Rafflecopter Giveaway is at the end of the post.  Don’t forget to enter! You could win The Magelica Book Series plus the magically feather necklace.

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