December Daily Journal and Setting a December Intention 

When did it happen?  All of sudden it is December!  In an effort to record our memories and see what we did actually do during the month I have began a December Daily Journal.  As well I have set an intention for this month just as I did last year. Last year’s intention was ENJOY.  You can read about that post here where I wrote about tips for enjoying the holiday season with your family.  The only thing I know I didn’t enjoy last year was having the 24 hour stomach bug on Christmas Eve.  There was no Christmas dinner, boxing day dinner with family at all.  Don’t blame them though but it was hard to give up those traditions.  But, we did have a nice, quiet, relaxing, recovering time for a few days where my family of 5 just hunkered down and enjoyed being at home. 

This year I have decided to set an intention again for December.  This year my intention is to be COZY AND WARM. 

My desktop wallpaper to keep me on track.

Cozy and Warm Desktop Wallpaper

I have also decided to attempt to record our daily life in December.  I believe it is called December Daily by Ali Edward.  I do participate in her OLW project each year, but have not actually attempted to document everyday of December before.

I picked up my journal from Zulily in October and it arrived in November.  It is a spiral bound book with blank pages to fill in to document December.  We will see how that goes.  The stickers you see in the first picture are ones I created and print and cut out with my Silhouette machine.

Here are a few of my first few pages.

December Daily Journal

December Daily Journal

December Daily Journal

December Daily Journal

Cozy and Warm printable on Adalinc to Life

Do you set intentions for the month of December?  Every month?  The year?  What is your intention for this month?  Leave a comment to let me know.  I have come up with this letter questionnaire to help me set my intentions.  If you feel like it might help you, you can access a copy to print out at home.

Free PDF December Intention Questions


My intention to be cozy means to me:

  • setting out/planning out special time with family and friends to connect and make memories.
  • small cozy gatherings instead of large fast paced ones
  • cozy items that make me happy

My intention to be warm means to me:

  • spreading kindness and warm wishes
  • inner feelings of gratitude to make me warm
  • be there for those that need me this holiday season

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when setting your intention for December:

  1. Make a list of all things you would like the most of in December and then start to narrow it down.
  2. Only choose 1 or 2 words so as not to overwhelm or overload yourself.  It will also allow you to focus on it more closely.
  3. Make it visual for yourself somehow – create a vision board, or just put the word in your planner or somewhere you look everyday.
  4. Ask yourself when making plans if those plans are inline with your intention.  If they are, great, if not it will give time to explore other options.  However…
  5. Give yourself grace because sometimes despite our best intentions we still end up doing things that will not be in line with them but that is ok too.




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