52 List Project : Comforts and Ideal Holiday Season

Just a quick update to my 52 List project today.  I was tackling List 45 and 46 in the last 2 weeks.  One list I was to list out the what makes an ideal holiday season for me and the other was to list my great comforts.  In case you are new here, I began the 52 List project at the end of October.  Here is my first post on getting started.  And here was my first updated post.  The 52 List project is a collection of weekly journaling prompts put together in a fabulous book by Moorea Seal which I’m not yet writing in as it is so gorgeous.  I’m working up to writing in it by first brainstorming my lists on my own printables. 

52 List project + Free PDF printables

First, I brainstormed about all the things that would make up my ideal holiday season and the first thing I noticed about my list was that most of the items were in fact traditions of my family.  This included both traditions from my childhood as well as some new ones that my husband have started since being married and having kids.

List 45 pic

Here is my list that I only just started brainstorming:

  • Christmas morning pancakes
  • Making sugar cookies/ginger bread houses
  • Watching holiday movies
  • Going out to Candy Cane Lane (neighbourhood where there are a lot of houses decorated to check out)
  • Having photo taken with Santa Claus at the mall
  • Christmas Eve gatherings (Fun games)
  • Christmas supper (Food and Drinks)
  • Boxing Day relaxing
  • Christmas concerts and parties
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas Tree decorating & music
  • Christmas morning in our pjs

All activities are shared with family and friends where we take the time to reconnect and enjoy each other. I also want to start thinking of some new things to try out and add to our list.  We use to have a Sinterklaas party as my husband grew up in Holland but when the children were smaller everything just got too busy.  The one thing I do know is I would like to have a slow, meaningful holiday than one where I feel rushed here and there.  And if I must go here and there then I want to enjoy the experience.

Week 45 was What are my greatest comforts? First I felt like I had to define what is meant by ‘comforts’.

I decided to look at comfort as a noun and found these definitions from the Merriam-Webster Site:

Definition of ‘Comfort

  1. strengthening aid: (a) support or assistance (b) consolation in a time of trouble or worry
  2. (a) a feeling of relief or encouragement (b) a contented well-being
  3. a satisfying or enjoyable experience
  4. one that gives or brings comfort

“Comfort.” Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2016.

So now here is my initial list:

  • my husband and kids
  • my home (all snuggled up with a good book and a coffee)
  • my mom and sister
  • friends
  • warm fuzzy socks (I hate cold feet)
  • coffee
  • my journal/writing (It is where I work a lot of stuff out)
  • photos/videos of the past
  • meditation/mindfulness
  • creating things/making stuff
  • routine and consistency (I have a hard time with change)
  • family vacation trips
  • hugs & time with my kids
  • watching my kids grow older
  • hot showers

What would you put on your lists?  If you are interested in the book itself The 52 List Project I ordered mine from Amazon.   

Here are the printable pdfs I have created that I’m using to do my brainstorming on. If you like them please pin or share this post with someone who loves to make lists. Just click on the picture or the link and you will be taken to the pdf file.  You can resize the list to whatever size you need.  I resize the file to 80% to fit it in my happy planner but it also will fit in the book itself and my traveler’s journal. All printables are for personal use only.

Week 46    

      List 46 pic


Week 47

List 47 Printable


          Week 48

   Week 48 Printable


  Week 49 

Week 49 Printable

In about 2 weeks I will update again and put up the rest of this year’s printables.  I love to journal self-discovery, do you?  If you are doing the 52 list project or have done it in the past I would love to know how it went for you.  I create a lot of bonus printables for those signed up to my newsletter.  I would love for you to join me.  Sign up below this post or in the side bar.

Free List PDF Printables available for download

I use a fabulous design site called The Hungry Jpeg .  These design elements and fonts are a combination of a number of different bundles of I purchased as well as creating the pieces either in Canva or PicMonkey.


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