52 List Project Week 44 Update plus Free Printables

Just a quick update to my 52 List project that I have begun.  I began with week 43 which had me think about my favourite treats and snacks.  Why are my favourite foods my favourite foods?  A lot of it was related to childhood memories.  Fond memories of course, unless it was ‘liver’, then not so fond.  I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to be writing in the book itself. I quite like the hardcover of the book and haven’t yet decided to write in it or not. You can see from my first post on the project  how the book is set up.  I have been using printables to jot down my brainstorming for each prompt. You can pick these printables up at the end of the post. 

This week was words that warm my spirit from the 52 List Project Journaling Book

Words are a powerful.  We know this, they can hurt or they can heal.  When I first started my list I simply began by writing down generic words that I thought would bring me comfort.  Words such as: peace, love, gratitude.  As you can see very generic.  With this list project, however, I undertook as a way to journal to discover more about myself so I had to dig deeper.

Words that warm my spirit are words that bring a glow or feel good sensation inside my body.  Often times words spoken by others to me.  First, I started by just jotting down some ideas on my brainstorming sheet.


From my kids: ‘I love you, mama‘, ‘I miss you, mama‘, ‘Can I snuggle with you, mama?‘  ‘You make the best…‘ ‘Can you read with me?’ These all warm me as they let me know my kids want to spend time with me, and yes, that they need me.  I didn’t realize how much I longed to be needed.

Words from others, ‘Good job on …‘ validation, it does warm the soul too doesn’t.

Let me take care of that for you…‘ assistance as we all need that from time to time.

Let’s meet for coffee and catch up…‘ we are not forgotten, life is not too busy to stay connected in a real face time kinda way.

Then I explored further my practicing my brush lettering.  I thought I can use the words that warm my spirit as brush lettering practice and at the same time think deeper about all of them.


But these are all just words, we need more then words sometimes.  We also need action.  In the journal, it always has a TAKE ACTION prompt.  With some lists we might be inspired to take action and others, perhaps, not ready to do so.   Many of us look towards the new year already and this list take action prompt I find helpful in reflecting over the past year and looking towards what we want more of in 2017.

My top 5 words from the past year:

  1. Family
  2. Connect
  3. Create
  4. Home
  5. Love

What do I want to focus more on in 2017?

  • Together
  • Connect
  • Family/Friends
  • Home
  • Create/Love

I had a hard time limiting my words to just 5 but definitely high on my list is to spend more quality time with my family, children and friends.  To create the love and connection that will keep us together through everything this crazy life throws at us because it does throw the worst imaginable **** at all of us.  Words are where we begin not where we end.

How is your list project coming?  What words warm your spirit?

Here are the printables I have used to jot down initial ideas for the prompts.  I have resized them to fit them in my Happy planner.  You could resize to a desired size.


*Click on image to be taken to the PDF Download*

52 List Project Week 44 update List 45 for the happy planner


Next Week is week 45.  My goal is to have created week 46-52 by the end of the month as we all begin to prepare for 2017.








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