I love to journal it is no surprise.  I love the process of writing to delve deep into myself to help guide me, recenter me, or just for a tune-up as the seasons of my life change.  I recently came across to books that I’m going to use to add to my self-journaling collection and so I thought I would share them with you too, as well as some free printables that I created to go with one of them.  

When I saw the title of this book I just knew it was speaking to me as it is a phrase that has been a part of my Abundant Mama journey and I wrote a post last year using this phrase ‘Start where you are’.  So when I found this journal titled Start Where You Are: a journal of self-exploration by Meera Lee Patel I knew I had to add it to my journals.

The other book is The 52 List Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal.

I’m not one to wait and start in January as I feel the need to start whenever I feel inclined to start.  This journal is a hardcover with gorgeous photos and pages.  Some examples.




They are so gorgeous I almost don’t want to write in this book anymore.  I haven’t actually decided yet but I might do a good copy into the book and brainstorming on the side.  So until I have decided completely I’m going to put a sheet in my Happy Planner for each list to jot down my ideas. This journaling book is heavy so I’m not likely to carry it around with me. I already need super strong handles on my purse because I carry all kinds of journals around it.

Here are my first pages created for including in my Happy Planner. You can pick up a downloadable PDF file by clicking on each image.


List 43 – List your favourite meals and treats. Holidays are a great time to think about your favourite foods.

List 44 – List the words that warm your spirit.  This is a great prompt as well getting me ready to think about my OLW for 2017.  For 2016 it was Revive.

List 45 – List the things that would make up your ideal holiday season.  The holidays can get pretty hectic so it is important to remember how it is you would like to enjoy the season. Last year my keyword was ENJOY and so I made sure everything reflected that word.  Here is the post about Enjoying the Holiday Season.

Depending on what size you need resize by scaling the image before printing.











Here is a journal for self-exploration.  Also filled with prompts and pages to record thoughts.


Here are a few samples of this journal.  This one is a soft cover and smaller ( same length as the pencil) so I think I could carry this one around with me.  I will have to get over making marks inside the book though.



Do you have a favourite journal?  I love journals, well, I love writing and I use the writing to discover and understand myself.  Do you take part in the 52 List Project?  Let me know in the comments if you do. I would love to know how it going for you.


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