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How to Make Workout Wear With Your Silhouette Machine

I love creating unique and personalized items.  This is the freedom having a silhouette machine gives me.  In previous posts I have shown how I use my silhouette to make planner stickers, planner folders and planner desk accessories but I have also made t-shirts and mugs for family members.  I still use my Silhouette Portrait that I got 2 years ago.  It has went through many blades and I’m on my second cutting mat. I also have a Silhouette Mint and Curio machine and I have been slowly working on projects with those as well.

But today the focus is on how you can make cool and unique workout wear for yourself or others.  Here is the supply list for this project:

  1. FAVOURITE WORKOUT WEAR – I chose Athletic Works Dri-More 93%Polyester and 7%Spandex.  You could put these designs on a cotton shirt as well but you would have to adjust the temperature setting of your iron or cricut heat press or any other heat press you use.  Please read the temperature instructions for the heat press you are currently working with for accurate results.
  3. HEAT TRANSFER VINYL – I used the Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl *I have found this vinyl to adhere the best in any of my projects* I have only ever tried Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl before but I prefer Siser.  The colour I used were Siser Easy Weed Pink Metallic.
  5. IRON OR HEAT PRESS – For this project I used the Cricut Heat Press which has made my life so much easier then using my iron.  With any heat press always follow the instructions for the material you are using.

How to Make Your Own Workout Wear with a Silhouette Machine

  1. Find a design that would like to add to your shirt. Below you can pick up this Silhouette cut file, pdf or SVG file for free.
  2. Open up the design in your Silhouette.  I work with Silhouette so the instructions will reflect that. Once you are happy with the set up don’t forget to mirror any text you want to cut out.  I have forgotten many times.  Then you are ready to send to your cutting machine.  In the next step I will show you the cut setting I used with my Silhouette portrait but you will know your machine best.  Also depends on how old or sharp your current blade may be.  
  3. SEND PROJECT TO THE CUTTING MACHINE – First you have to choose what type of heat transfer vinyl you are cutting and then check to see the actual cut settings.  If I have a new blade I pretty much follow what is given but if my blade is older and well used then I usually find I’m adjusting the force. I usually adjust the force by ‘2’ up if needed until I’m happy with the cut. Always test cut your machine. make workout wear with your silhouette machine
  5. HEAT PRESS ON TO YOUR SHIRT – Depending on the method you are using check out the settings recommended for your heat press.  I will be using the Cricut Heat Press. Here is the quick reference quick for the Cricut Heat Press – for my project I’m using Siser Pink Metallic HTV and I’m pressing onto a tank top that is 93% polyester and 7%spandex.  I began with their recommended settings. Also do not press directly on your table always have a heat resistant mat in place to work upon.  Cricut offers one but I have found a bamboo cutting board that has done the trick for me.  You don’t want to ruin your table.  Another tip if using a wooden cutting board, don’t use your cutting board that you also use in your kitchen. There are smells that have made their way into the board and will transfer to your clothing.  Keep that onion smell in your kitchen.  Use a dedicated board for your craft work. 
  •  According to the Cricut heat press instructions it says to pre-heat your garment for 5-8 seconds before placing your HTV on. Then proceed to place your HTV project onto your garment.  I like to use a piece of parchment paper in between the heat press and the shirt. 
  • This is just a regular piece of cooking parchment paper I like to use in between my garment and heat press.
  • Heat press according to directions.  Again, I begin by following the recommendations but I always end up pressing a bit more. I had to push slightly on the heart press and I actually ended pressing twice for 15 seconds before I removed the plastic.  And then after I removed the plastic I heat press (with parchment in between) again twice at the same tempature for 15 seconds each time.  

And then I was done.  The pressing only took 60 seconds in total!  Wow!  Way faster then my home iron.  Loved it!  My own unique workout tank!  

If you would like to create your own workout wear I have the SVG/PDF/Silhouette File available as a free download.  Please share with me on Instagram or Twitter using the #adalincblog or share with my on my Facebook page.

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How to Make Workout Wear With Your Silhouette Machine

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