Today is the Autumn equinox and summer nights are slowly fading away. Soon my back deck patio will be filled with snow but I dream of next summer and plan how I could enjoy my patio even more next year. Reviving my living spaces is a part of my One Little Word project. I love my backyard. Amidst the busy city, I can retreat into my own little sanctuary. I envision a more relaxing space, one where I can enjoy sitting in the morning sun, slowly sipping my coffee and journaling.

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zen-mama-space-2My current patio set is 11 years old, next summer it will be 12 years old.  We received the patio set as an anniversary gift from my parents. Currently, I use this accent table, chair, and stool for my slow morning coffee and breakfast. (See pic below)

breakfast outside with coffee

I believe in trying to slow myself and my family down.  For inspiration in slowing your family down check out my post 1o Ways to Slow Your Family Down.  Wouldn’t it be perfect to have my own zen mama space on my patio as well?

Create patio space

This space could be spruced up a bit more don’t you think?

current patio space


Now, I have bigger, bolder ideas for my patio.  Here is the start of a few mood boards I’m creating for just a corner of my patio.  In this corner, I envision sipping my coffee and reading, journaling, or planning by the early morning sun.  This corner will become my Zen Mama Retreat.

Mood Board #1

mood board for a zen mama retreat space from Adalinc to Life

Mood Board #2

mood board for a zen mama retreat for the patio from Adalinc to Life


  1.  First I will create my space by placing a carpet underneath which I feel will ground my space and separate it from the rest of the patio meant for entertaining.
  2. Some functional lamps (found on Amazon) that also double as artwork.
  3.  Who doesn’t love a sofa for lounging and this way my 3 kids can still snuggle next to me. I love the added detail on this one with the chevron design to give it a more sophisticated and glamours look. I found this one at Arhaus Furniture.
  4. A zen garden (found on Amazon) for my zen space.
  5. Accent pillows (found on Amazon), you can never have enough in my opinion.  My husband, of course, wishes I would just stick to the same ones.  I loved the bright flower colours but I also loved the more subdued gold accent ones. Let me know in the comments which one you love more.
  6. I just loved this earthy wooden tree stump looking accent table to place my coffee or tea on.

It is important to have space all your own.  Where you can retreat, relax and unwind.  As I pack away my summer I can still dream and look forward to a wonderful space next summer on my patio.  Do you have a space for yourself outside or inside?

*Disclosure:  I am very excited to be working with Arhaus Furniture to dream about my ideal mama space.  I am not compensated if you click on any of their links.  I have included them only in case you are interested and to maybe dream up a mood board for your own space.   All thoughts, ideas, or opinions are 100% my own.      Read my Full Disclosure Policy Here. 

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