Do you like to take it slow?  Tired of being busy and not feeling connected to the members of your family?  Come see how my family connects and slows down.
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There are plenty of ways I can make my life and the life of my family slower in big ways.  I try to ensure we are not over scheduled on weekends which is not easy between errands, birthday parties, sport commitments and hopefully the occasional date night. This post is about how I’m interested in the small ways in my everyday life to connect and slow down.  I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed with lists, commitments, responsibilities, should’s and projects galore.  I know there are some things I can’t remove from the responsibilities or commitments but perhaps I can find my slower or simple in smaller ways.  I was inspired by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book Wherever You Go There You Are and this quote:
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Within the organized chaos and complexity of family life and work, with all their demands and responsibilities, frustrations, and unsurpassed gifts, there is ample opportunity choosing simplicity in small ways.  Jon Kabat-Zinn Page 69 Wherever You Go There You Are

My goal is to have less anxiety and stress with my daily life and to simply enjoy more of my family, life and myself.  So what do I do?

  1.  I enjoy a what I call a slow morning coffee where I read and write.  slow down and connect
  2. Enjoy activities with my children.  It is key though to take part in activities that you enjoy.  My boys enjoy legos but I don’t actually enjoy putting the lego together so choose activities you would also enjoy.  It’s okay, no one said you had to enjoy everything.  Outside my daughter and I play hopscotch in our driveway or draw with chalk. and inside we bake, colour, doodle, craft or do other art projects and of course my number one favourite thing is to read together.  

connecting with kidsconnecting with children

connecting with kids
 3.  To help mama slow down and the family we enjoy taking what we call adventure walks.  We just wander in nature and enjoy the scenery.
connect with nature Adventure Walk 2
Go for a walk and find as many dandelions as you can and blow.
Adventure Walks 3
Okay is here is a list of 10 simple/small things you and your family can do to slow down and ban busy.
1.  Bake
2.  Adventure Walks
3.  Colour Together
4.  Craft Together
5.  Read Together
6.  Play Hopscotch
7.  Draw with Chalk Outside
8.  Play a game together
9.  Puzzles
10.  Sledding in the winter (no snow then beach days is what I would do)
And me, I like lots of quiet time where I read, write, draw, craft or now blog.
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