Simple & Easy Family Suppers

As a busy mom with kids we need fast, simple suppers that are still flavourful and healthy too.  Can we have it all?  We can try.  One some nights anyways.  I have had to step up my game recently as my kids become older and are joining extra curricular activities during the week.  In the winter it was Taekwondo but it wasn’t every night and all my kids could go at the same time.  Yippee!  This spring 2 of my 3 kids wanted to try outdoor soccer.  Well, it turns out they are on opposite nights.  For the month of May and June we have soccer every night of the week.  Mama has to be more organized in her meal planning.  It is a good thing I have challenged myself to create weekly meal plans since January for the last 2 years in a row and boy has it made a difference to my sanity.  I wasn’t really a meal planner before but I am now.  I have compiled a combination of some of my go to recipes and some recipes from sites I follow a lot.  Here is the start of 5 simple, easy, fast meals that I can make on week night before soccer and still get out the door in a reasonable manner and mostly on time and the kids at least have attempted to eat something made at home.  Just to keep it real, I’m not successful every night.  Some nights it does end up being chicken fingers, sandwiches, frozen pancakes etc… but I’m trying to be more meal organized.  Now if I could just find the soccer socks and shin guards as easily.

Here are the 5 meals:

Family Supper
This one is mine made from her recipe.

Skinny Mom – Skinny Chicken Fried Rice

Note:  I do have 1 picky eater out of 3 and for that one I keep a little of everything separate instead of giving him everything mixed up.  Common right?

Stir Fry

Simple 2 Ingredient Stir Fry

Even my pickiest eater eats this stir fry.

Family Meals

Ever since the Lego Movie Tuesday’s have been a piece of cake at our house.  Every Tuesday is Taco night.  It can be changed up of course but on our soccer nights I just opt for frying up the beef or chicken and then I just pull out the sour cream, salsa, cheese, tomatoes and taco chips.

For more 20-30 minutes I follow this list on Mel Kitchen Cafe – 30 Minutes where there are a lot of ideas and more added all the time such as this one:

Ham and Pasta Skillet Dinner

Ham and Pasta Skillet

Another of my favourite go to food sites is  Six Sisters’ Stuff and here is another easy meal for a sports activity night.

One Pot Salsa Skillet from Six Sisters’ Stuff

One Pot Salsa Skillet

And on Friday’s, it is mama’s night off and I usually order pizza.

Do you have any go to family dinner recipes for those nights during the week that you just need to be fast and easy but still tasty and not take out all of the time?  For more recipes join me on Pinterest and my Yummy Foods Idea board.



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