Update:  This recipe has become a staple in our house as it is so quick and easy and now with soccer season in full swing it works well on soccer nights.  Year round I can adjust which vegetables I use in the dish.

 In a house with kids it is sometimes hard to satisfy the palate of everyone including mom and dad.  I have one in particular who prefers to eat food very plain.  Bread with butter usually.  Plain rice.  I prefer my food with a little more spice.  How do I create a supper that everyone would eat without having to make more then one meal?  We love stir-fries but usually find the ingredient list to be too extensive in supplies that I don’t carry in my pantry and a bit too spicy for my plain eating son.

I had been experimenting with different ways to make stir-fries.  I had started with the little packages,  but besides being quick I knew they were not that healthy and which my kids disliked.  Many recipes on Pinterest look so yummy but usually require ingredients I do not have on a regular basis.
What is a time strapped mom to do on some nights?  Well, we improvise of course. One night I thought I would try using a bit of barbecue sauce to add a little flavour.  It took me a few tries as one time I used way too much Barbecue sauce and even I couldn’t swallow the food.  It was a mama concoction failure.  All the kids laughed, and bless my husband he finished his plate.
The great thing about this recipe is you can use whatever vegetables you have handy in your fridge that night.  This pan I used chicken, cauliflower and broccoli.  I usually would fry onions with the chicken but my kids can see it and it causes problems.  Do your kids do eat them?
It goes down something like this
Kid:  “Mama, what is this?”  Highly suspious tone and look
Mama: “It’s an onion.  Onions give food flavour.”
Kid: “Well, I don’t like it.  I’m not eating it.  It has touched all of my food.”  Whining…
Hence no onions.
Ingredient for Recipe:
 Soy sauce:  1/4 cup
Barbecue Sauce :  1 tablespoon
*Adjust soy sauce and barbecue sauce to taste for your family.
*My standard is Honey Garlic Barbecue Sauce, but it would be an interesting experiment to use different flavours of Barbecue sauces to create different stir-fries.


1.  Fry chicken in oil until beginning to brown.
2.  Add vegetables (my kids prefer crunchier veggies so I only cook them for a little bit.  Just starting to get soft)
3.  Add soy sauce and barbecue sauce stir together and continue cooking on low heat for 10-12 minutes to make sure chicken is cooked through.  Please make sure your chicken is cooked though.   You know your stove and frying pan adjust accordingly.
4.  Serve on a bed of plain rice.  (At my house anyways)
I am sharing my recipe in hopes of helping any families that struggle with picky eaters, and parents looking for quick, easy recipes with just a hint of taste.  I stress HINT.  Results will vary depending on the soy sauce or barbecue sauce used.  Great quick recipe for a sports activity night.
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