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New Halloween Favourites From Raincoast Books

It wasn’t so long ago it was my little ones first Halloween and I remember the cuteness of those first few years.  Ok, more like 10 years ago now. I dressed my boys in a cute lion suit their first Halloween and my eldest was a penguin when he was two. Today I would like to introduce you and your little reader to some New Halloween favourites from Raincoast books. I wish I had had a cute non-spooky book like Herbert’s First Halloween by author Cynthia Rylant to introduce some of the traditions of Halloween to my kids. For older kids How To Catch A Monster by Adam Wallace is a funny ninja adventure where the young ninja sets out to catch a monster from his/her closet. It is also another in his series of How to Catch… Last year I reviewed How to Catch an Elf you can view that review here.

Herbert’s dad is so excited about Halloween but little Herbert isn’t so sure.  Herbert’s dad slowly eases his son’s uneasiness with Halloween by showing him a picture of himself in his first Halloween costume.  The key is that it is non spooky. His dad sews Herbert’s costume and tells him of all the candy that is everywhere.  It is sweet and endearing story of a dad and his son as he shares one of his favourite days of the year.

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The child gets the part as ninja master in the school play and that gives him/her the confidence to deal with the monster in the closet.  After several unique and creative attempts to catch the monster, the ninja is successful. The ninja talks to the monster and realizes he was never there to scare.  They play and when the ninja goes to sleep he/she feels safe and sound.

My daughter read this one with me and she thought the ninja was a girl right away.  I liked this because the story and illustration leaves it to the reader to determine whether the ninja is a boy or girl.  The illustrations are bright and colourful as they all are in this series. What would your monster’s fart smell like?  You would have to read this one to find out what this one smells like and its totally not what you would expect.

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Even though those early days are gone we can always enjoy a great picture book to add to our Halloween library.  Have you added any new Halloween books recently to your collection?  Love to hear about them in the comments.  Below is Mr. Yoda (now 9 years old)  and he still prefers non-spooky Halloween fun.  Happy Halloween Everyone!

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