Get Ahead This Holiday Season with a Smart Pinning Strategy

*Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here. I only share courses that I have personally bought and have experience with in improving my own blog.*

Which social media platform is your number one referrer to your blog?  If you are stumped by this question it is worth investigating.  After two years now, Pinterest is consistently my number #1 referrer to my blog.  Did this just happen by chance?  No, two years ago I bought The Pinning Perfect course from Blog Clarity to learn how to use Pinterest to my advantage for my blog.  A lot has changed since the first days of when I was pinning personally and then switched to a business account.  If you haven’t got a business account yet for your blog or business you should consider it. But if you are unsure why not start here with Free Pinterest Holiday Cheat Sheet from Blog Clarity.  Take advantage of this holiday season with a smart pinning strategy for your blog or business.



The thing I love most about this course is that when things change with Pinterest I still have access to all the updates through the course.  The creators of Pinning Perfect course Melissa at Blog Clarity and Anna Luther at My Life and Kids keep on giving pass the holiday season.  As an alumni and a member of the Facebook group I receive crucial updates rolled out by Pinterest and the support and help from other members and the creators themselves.  I still receive this even though I originally bought the course back in 2015.  I’m going to share with you one of my viral pins and I believe I was able to create after following the course.


This pin has been seen almost 20,000 on Pinterest with over 100 clicks over to my site. You can imagine my excitement with this pin. I learned everything from the Pinning Perfect Course.

I was learning how to use my new Silhouette curio machine and I thought I would share some tips on how I etched aluminium blanks.  You can view that post here. I created this pin and thought I had created a optimized key word description that would help my pin rank higher in the search results.  And bingo, it did! Here is my pin.


Now when someone searches Silhouette Curio Projects or Project Ideas my pin shows up in the top row.  That is primo real-estate right there!

Now of course the goal is to get each pinnable image to rank as high as possible but this one was big for me. And how about this, I was searching some of other posts and came across this pin from 2015. It was a new pin I had created for an old post.

The post was from 2014 but I had made a new pin when I took the course in October of 2015.  And now this pin has these stats.  You can only view stats if you have a business account with Pinterest and only on your own pins. If you are serious about understanding and increasing traffic to your blog creating a business account is a step you should consider taking. 40 More clicks to my website.  These stats will also help to determine whether to spend some extra cash on promoting a pin especially if you have business.

So, do you still what to get ahead this holiday season with a smart pinning strategy.

The Pinning Perfect course has a Free Pinterest Holiday Cheat Sheet that will give the most important information from the course that will get your pinning strategy rolling for the holiday season right away.  Then in the new year you can take the full course as fast or as slow as you would like.  Watch for special pricing on Halloween and Black Friday to pick up the course. Don’t miss out on all that Pinterest traffic!

As social media and Pinterest are always changing I find it so valuable to be part of group that receives relevant and up to date information. I always review the important info anywhere from 2 to 3 times a year.  As a part of the alumni I also can keep update in the Facebook group when new things are being tried out with Pinterest.  Have you noticed #hashtags in some pin descriptions recently? Well, that is something Melissa and Anna are keeping us in the loop about so we know how to improve our Pinterest strategy.  It is invaluable to stay ahead of the game.  I feel like Field of Dreams now – ‘If you build it, they will come’. If you create a crushing pinning strategy, people will find your blog or business.

Bonnie is an admitted book, planner, craft, coffee and chocoholic. She spends her free time buried in books or craft supplies. When she is not creating she loves helping other women find their creative centre. Former high school teacher now she is the creator and owner of Adalinc to Life Blog and Boutique.