How to Etch on Metal with Your Silhouette Curio Machine

Since I first received my Silhouette portrait machine I have been loving everything that I can learn and do with it.  For Christmas I extended my Silhouette family to include the Silhouette Curio machine and the Mint stamp maker (still learning that one).  Today, I thought I would quickly share with you how I have learned  how to etch on metal with my Silhouette curio machine and some tricks I use to keep the metal pieces from moving.

I love my planners and creating stickers and other planner accessories for them and now with the curio I can create personalized planner charms.  I’m super excited.  I hope this tutorial helps you if you have a curio machine.

Here are some other projects I have done with my Silhouette machine:

Silhouette Stenciled Desk Accessory 

Simple Christmas Card to Make with your Silhouette

how to etch on metal with a silhouette curio machine





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