I have been having all kinds of fun learning how to use my Silhouette portrait machine.  Mostly, I make stickers with her.  I named her Polly back in the spring when I first got her.  You can check out my initial set up and my first project here.   I have gone on to make a number of things but I thought I would share this project as it was one of the more successful ones.  Today I will show you my Silhouette stenciled desk accessory craft to add an unique touch to your own desk or vase. 

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First, in one of my decluttering adventures, I found this plain square glass container and thought it would make a great item to try out a stencil idea I had.  Why not turn the container into a fancy pen or washi tape container for my desk.  I looked through my Silhouette library and found a rose stencil and I immediately thought gold glittery roses.

Rose stenciled on glass

I had also found this round glass vase which I used a blue embossing powder and the rose stencil.

Rose stencil on glass

Desk Accessory Craft

Supplies I used:

  • Glass Container (I found mine in my house)
  • Silhouette portrait machine
  • Double sided adhesive sheets
  • Embossing powder (different colours)
  • Scissors
  • Silhouette tools
  • Embossing Heat Tool

I have a video of how I made the container over on my Youtube channel.  I tried to cover everything in the video but if I missed something please leave me a question in the comments and I will do my best to answer it.  It is important to remember when embossing on gthe lass that the glass does get hot so don’t burn your fingers and let it cool before touching.  Results will vary depending on the glass, and the type of embossing powder used.

How I made it:


Cut out sthe tencil using the sheets below.


3.  Weeded the stencil because the rose had many different puzzle type pieces.  As in the video when I cut I used the settings that appeared automatically for cutting double sided adhesive sheets.  My cut setting was a with #4.  If you use a Silhouette you have, like me, learned that sometimes you might want to adjust speed and depth.  In other words ,you may have to play a bit before you get the exact cut you want.

4.  Remove the yellow backing from stencil and place on the project.  Here I made sure to press down firmly.


5. Removed moved the white front of sheet leaving the sticky adhesive.

6. Sprinkled the embossing powder over the stencil.  Afterwards, tap to remove extra powder and in the video you also see me using a little brush to remove some as well.



*Here is where you will want to make sure you don’t have any extra sticky pieces with embossing powder on it.  I did a bit more weeding of my stencil to uncover the exact pieces of the rose.*

7.  Warm up heat embossing tool.  *Be very careful when embossing glass not to burn your fingers*  

8. Use heat emboss tool on your project.  *Glass can get very hot!*

9. Let cool completely before picking up and using.

I also used the extra stencils on making some cards.


Do you love desk accessories?  How about glitter?  Right now I’m totally obsessed with gold and I love to try to figure out how to add it in my house with unique pieces.  I could also see this being a great way to create a unique wedding centre piece.

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