I wrote a post a few years ago now about Broken Crayons and how I was feeling at the time about the monotony of motherhood. I didn’t throw those broken crayons away I have kept them. They have sat in our craft corner year after year just waiting to become something more. It is a dilemma for me as I struggle to simplify my life and not hang on to things and also not just throw things into the landfill. The former I need to do for my own mental health and the latter for the earth. Enter in the Doodle cake crayons box from Alex Toys. *This is not a sponsored post* I found the box one day while shopping at Winners and thought that is the perfect idea to solve my broken crayons dilemma.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day my daughter and I thought that these cute Cake Doodle Cupcakes Crayons would make a colourful Valentine’s gift, but they would also make a delightful birthday party favours as well. I created a Silhouette Cut File that you could use for birthday party tags, or for next Valentine’s Day school gift ideas. You will see the download button at the bottom of the post.


Doodle Cake Crayons

 You could use other types of silicone baking molds as well.

Let’s get started:

All you really need is a silicone baking mold and preferably some broken small pieces of crayons.

Here was my fabulous helper, Miss Ballerina (she is currently 6)

I turned everything over to her expect the oven part.  It really is a simple craft for kids to do and make.

First she filled the molds with the shaved pieces of crayons.

Then its basically put them in the oven to melt together.  The box says heat oven to 325ºF for about 8 minutes and I did this part for her. Place in oven and when they start to bubble turn oven off.  I removed the silicone baking mold carefully from the oven using a pot holder.  Then you want to let the crayons cool before pushing them out of the mold. *I put it in the freezer for faster cooling*

Once the tray has cooled your crafty little one can pop them out.

Next we gathered a few other supplies to make the packaging for the Valentine’s Day gifts for her class, but these would also be great for a birthday party favour as well.

Additional supplies:

  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • gift bags
  • colour the world tags
  • mini cupcake liners

Place doodle cake crayon in mini cupcake liner wrap up with gift bag or cellophane whichever you have handy.  Hole punch the gift tag and thread ribbon through it then tie gift tag around package.

Here you can download the free Silhouette File to make them at home.  I have one with the spelling ‘Colour’ and another with ‘Color’.

Silhouette File ‘Colour the World’ Click the button below then download to your computer then drag into your silhouette studio.  

Silhouette File ‘Colour the World’

Silhouette File ‘Color the World’

If you need a SVG file I will link to some great tutorials on how to do this as I myself do not have the Inkscape they talk about currently on my computer.  If you are a Silhouette fan or Circuit fan I’m sure you probably already follow these lovely ladies. 

How to Convert Silhouette File to SVG from Silhouette School Blog

How to Convert Silhouette File to SVG from Cutting For Business






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