The Monotony of Motherhood

One of my daily musings as a journal entry.

The end of the school year is upon me again and the folders, exercise books, and duo tangs from the year all get dumped in my living room for me to sort through.  I struggle with what to keep and throw away.  All the extra supplies also get returned.  Mostly crayons though, broken ones.

It is usually at this time that I retreat to my computer and randomly watch videos from their 1st year to the present.  Kleenex makes money from me when I do.

On some days I begrudge the endless monotony of motherhood.

Breakfast, make lunches, pick ups, homework, baths, soccer practice, washing, folding, put clothes away, cleaning, cooking and well, as you know the list goes on and on and on.

I prefer when we paint together, play together, make a craft, cook or bake together, but even then I sometimes resent the endless cleaning that comes with it.

And so, the year end dump needs sorting.adalinc to life


I am sorting the crayons.

Broken.  Good.
Broken.  Good.
Broken.  Good.

All I can think is how did we end up with so many crayons?  Oh wait, I know!  Every start of the school year I purchase new ones because you can’t go to school with broken ones.  But, what to do with the broken ones?  I could just throw them away.  That would be the easy thing to do.  And yet I can’t seem to just throw them away.

Some day the crayons will be gone.

This task will be no more.

They will be gone because I could just donate them.  I won’t have to sort or organize these buckets of crayons again.  I can take that valuable time and do something I want to do.    Read a book, write my stories, catch up on my memory keeping, visit with friends, take a class.

My house is not quiet.  I can hear the three musketeers playing upstairs currently.  Hide and seek.  There is laughter, squealing, and the occasional scream of ‘that is not fair’.

And me, I am down in the kitchen sorting the crayons and wishing they were gone.

Someday those crayons will be gone.

Off living their life, chasing their dreams, on grand adventures and my house will be quiet.

No hide and seek. No screaming. No laughter. No fights. No lost socks.  No legos.  No Skylanders.  No Barbie.  No bedtime stories.  No early morning chats.  No slush runs.  No cartoons.  No snuggles.

No crayon drawings.

It’s cliche I know.  Enjoy them now I tell myself!

After a bit of reflection and yes, ok, some tears I no longer wish the crayons were gone.

Here are some pieces from my Louvre!

Mommy and me pics.  Artist:  Mommy and Miss. Ballerina


crayons and felts
Santa Picture by Mr. Yoda (6 years old)


Captain for the Ship by Mr. Yoda


pencil crayons
Mr. Cat by Mr. Yoda


adalinc to life
Man and his dog by Mr. Black Licorice

My eldest son prefers to work with his hands.  His favourite is sculpting with clay.  This is also a piece in My Louvre.

This also happens in my house.  Swimming tips taped up using my good washi tape.  This was taped up in my living room for awhile no where near water.

As another school year wraps up, I hug my 8 and half year old son and wonder how long before he passes me in height.  He takes off from school drop off with no hug, no bye mom.  He is just running.   I hug my almost 7 year old son who has just begun to read to himself and loves to play boardgames. He still needs a mama hug at drop off, thank goodness! And I hug my 4 and half year old daughter who wants to paint and colour with me everyday.   But at school she wants to be fiercely independent  but not at home.

Enjoy! Enjoy!  Today I have a bucket full of crayons and they are ready to work!

It is a bit of a sentimental piece from me today which I suspect will continue to happen every year when the school year wraps up.

Time to colour,


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