This is one of those; when I was kid beginnings. When I was kid, my sister and I, would pile into my parents Bronco or Suburban with a few books and our imaginations and head out for our annual 12 hour summer road trip from Northern BC to Kelowna to visit my grandparents. When I was older I actually had a walkman to listen to music. How did we bust boredom while driving otherwise? I remember singing and staring out the window counting how many cars we passed or just attempting to sleep or pester each other. I would suspect it was mostly the latter. It must of been so much fun for my mom and dad! I know better now.

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Bust Boredom 7My kids have only once had to endure a long road trip when they were small, 5, 3, and 1. I broke the road trip into smaller chunks.  Our current vehicles do not have a Dvd player, and with 3 kids they do not have iPads or anything else electronic to keep them busy on the road.  I usually pack activity books, sticker books, colouring books, and reading/comic books as well as a handy supply of snacks and a drink.

Boredom Buster 7

Our latest road trip was only about 5 1/2 hours in length.  We were travelling from Edmonton, Alberta to Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia.  Radium is only an hour and half from Banff and we travel the 4 hours to Banff all the time.  My kids should be able to handle an extra hour and half, right?

Radium shot with watermark

As with most trips, as soon as we are just outside the city limits or buildings my kids recognize, the dreaded phrases begin to be uttered “Are we there yet?”  or “How long until we are there?”  Groan, really, stop asking.

This trip, however, we brought Boredom Buster: Games for the Road from Lonely Planet Kids because anything to keep them busy while we drive the more sane mama and papa will be when we arrive.

The book is full of games, challenges and activities that do not require much at all.  No pieces to lose.  That is a bonus in my book.  The book even acts as its own dice for games requiring dice.  See photo.

Boredom buster 3

This book though is definitely geared towards kids that can read.  There is code type games, travel teasers, memory games, word games, hand games and traditional tic-tac-toe and so much more perfect for my 9, 7 and 5 year old.

For younger kids the travel bingo games would work well for them.

Boredom buster 5

For the majority of our trip my kids were kept busy taking turns (I was amazed at this) playing the Acting Up game.  There was so much giggling going on.

Boredom Buster 6

Boredom Buster 2

This book will mean less screen time but it will definitely increase the memories created while traveling.  Bust boredom with Lonely Planet Kids on airplanes and trains and the quieter games would be great in restaurants while waiting for food to arrive.  How about if you are traveling where there is no WIFI?  No problem, bring this book along to keep everyone busy thus making it one of the best boredom books to take on a road trip.

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