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This post is about not giving up on your dream, passion, calling or your latest project.  Does your head ever get so full of so many ideas that you just don’t know where to start?  Lately, I have been feeling like I want to do all these things but getting frustrated by how long it actually takes me to get my stuff done.  Even though I plan the projects into my day, things are just not getting done.  I have to step back and regroup and it only the mid-February.  I want to do so much!  Decluttering, cleaning, renovations, creating, making, painting, baking, visiting friends, writing stories, volunteering at my kids school, reading, mediating, yoga, walking, drawing, hand lettering and that is all on top of my usual daily grind. What I actually do – coffee, make breakfast and lunches, hustle kids to school, brainstorming while doing laundry, answer emails, plan in journal, little bit of work from home, pick kid of from kindergarten, lunch, grocery shop or hang out with my daughter, little bit more work from home, pick boys up from school, homework, talk, make supper, eat supper, dishes, bath, brush teeth, kids to bed, mama shower, maybe a little bit more computer work, watch show with hubby, read in bed, write in journal, lights out.  Wake up, coffee, breakfast and lunches, hustle kids to school… You get the picture.  Just me writing it out though makes me realize I do Do a lot already.  I am doing enough!  I might not be finishing my projects as quick as I would like but as long as I’m slowly plugging away at them and as long as I’m doing things that make my heart sing and float effortlessly then I feel much better.

How do you make time for your creative side projects? Here are some ideas I try: 

  1.  Schedule some time in your planner just as you would grocery shopping, especially, my work on learning to how to improve my hand lettering and drawing.
  2. Create a creative corner where you can access your supplies easily.  This one has taken me some time but I have slowly put together a IKEA cart for easy access and transportation from room to room in my house.
  3. For my writing I carry a special journal in my purse for when inspiration hits, or if by chance I have a some time to sneak to a coffee shop and sit in a different place then home.
  4. Take a mini-course outside the home – I love Michaels for this.
  5. Do it with your kids.  They usually love to make art anyways, but you have to be able to let go of completion of projects or potential for a child to create a collaborate project where one was not originally intended.  Oh well!
  6. Turn your phone off.
  7. While you wait for your laundry to finish pull out your journal and pens quickly for those Instagram challenges. 20 minutes – go
  8. Create Mama Playdates with other mamas who would like to create together for where you live or join an online community all focused on encouraging and creating.  I have recently joined The Creative Community by Dawn Nicole.  One goal this year is to learn how to hand letter and her community is perfect for that.  Go check her out.

I’m offering this free follow your heart printable that I created in PicMonkey this month as a reminder to myself and maybe for you to ‘Follow Your Heart’.  Clearly I have an a liking for white and black strips and hearts.  In the photo that is my current Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner.  If you are curious what is in it I did an unboxing of it.  You can view that below and if you don’t want to miss another post or free printable please consider signing up for my Adalinc to Life Newsletter as from time to time I will be offering my subscribers additional printable goodies or giveaways.

Free Follow Your Heart Printable for Personal Use Only

FYH small

Notes about printing – when I printed I set my printer to an 8×10 setting to fit an 8×10 frame.  I also printed on a heavy white card stock paper.

If you do print it out I would love to see how you display it in your home.  You can use the #adalincfollowyourheart on Instagram or Twitter.

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