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Are you a planner girl?  I totally am!  I think it started in high school, well, at least that is what I can recall.  You know how you used to get an agenda book to keep track of all your homework activities, exams etc… Then at university kept a planner of course for exams, papers, jobs etc.. and it naturally continued when I became a teacher.  I loved my teacher agenda book and for me it was a necessity to keep organized and on top of things.  When I first stayed at home with my kids I wasn’t using a planner which is funny actually.  I wasn’t at work or school so I didn’t think I needed one.  Then things started to get busy with my 3 children and I began to use those busy mom ones with stickers.  Here is a photo of an old one from a few years ago.

planner post 1

Remember those cute cat and dog pictures with the exaggerated faces.  My doggy one is the one I carried in my purse, it is from 10 years ago, the same year as my wedding.  Lots of tidbits of information and bring back good and stressful memories.  And the Mom’s Plan It agenda was the first one I tried after I had my second son.  Two kids under two I needed to keep a lot of appointments straight on paper because I couldn’t keep it straight in my head anymore.

Every year I buy a different kind just to keep it interesting.  The one below was one of my favourites.  It was my purse agenda in 2014 and it was from Kelly Rae Roberts.  I absolutely adore her stuff.  If you follow me you probably see my favourite coffee mug which is also from Kelly Rae Roberts as well.

Planner post 3

Last year I added a blogging and a family planner.

This Enjoy the Gifts of Nature became my first blogging planner.  I had found this one at Staples.  I got it because it reminded me of being in school as a student and teacher.

planner post 5

Last year I bought a Erin Condren Vertical Planner for keeping track of my family and home stuff.  I have enjoyed the Erin Condren despite its pricey dollar tag upfront.  I had lots of fun with it and it fulfilled what I needed.  I even had fun creating my own Halloween Stickers  and Spring Stickers for it.

Planner post 2

And in my purse for the past year I have been carrying around this beautiful Katie Daisy Planner only 1 more month to go in it though.  I had to start thinking about January and my new planner which of course leads me to my new purchase over the past weekend.

planner post 4

In a rare shopping moment by myself over the Black Friday weekend I went to Michael’s.  There I found the Heidi Swapp Planner Kit and I had a 50% off a regular ticketed item coupon.  Whoo, hoo!  I was able to pick up the planner kit for half the price.  Below I have a video of the unboxing.  I can’t wait to begin filling it in and I can’t wait to start making new stickers for my new Heidi Swapp Planner.  I have a new home planner coming in the mail this December but I’m not going to spill the beans about which one I have gotten.  I’m super excited about it as well.  It will hopefully be inspiring, and help with more of my home life and organization.  I will show it to you once it arrives.  If you don’t want to miss anything consider subscribing to my newsletter where I will only send you inspiring and valuable information and some possible freebies.  Stickers, perhaps!  Wink, wink.

Heidi Swapp Personal Planner

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