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Do you have some areas of your house that just drive you crazy?  My pantry is one of mine.  We have lived in our house for 10 years now but I have never been able to find a system that works for me in the pantry.  It was just becoming a dumping zone and I often was purchasing extra items that were not necessary.  In reorganizing my pantry I actually reorganized a few other cupboards and the inside of my island as I searched for a system that functions for me.  I have been motivated to declutter and reorganize this year by following Home Storage Solutions 101 and the monthly declutter calendar.  Here is my diy pantry makeover.
Pantry before shot
I strongly dislike the wire shelves.
 pantry makeover
Step 1 was to cover the wire shelves.
wire shelf 3
I have an oddly shaped pantry with this odd triangle corner section.  The first thing my husband and I did was measure the shelves and cut out the foam board pieces which ended up being 2 separate pieces.
 Corner Piece shot


The next step was to put the contact paper onto the foam board.  My husband and I did this part together and it took us many, many tries to get it just right with no bubbles or wrinkles.  Nothing brings you closer in a relationship then doing a construction project together.  The contact paper was wide enough that it would cover the front of portion the wire shelves but we cut a foam board piece to go in front as well.  We found it worked better this way.  (See picture below)

pantry makeover 2

And there we have it our wire shelves covered.  We did this in one day.  However, my whole pantry makeover took more like 2 weeks to finish.

Wire Shelves update pic

I had to reorganize my pantry and a few cupboards in my kitchen to finish this so that is also why it has taken me longer.  I had one shelf in my pantry that was all baking supplies.  I completed removed all baking supplies and placed items into my island.
What I wanted in my pantry was easy access to breakfast for my kids as I’m trying to encourage more independence.  I put the cereal down on a shelf they could reach easily and also made the move to the tupperware cereal holders.  It took me a bit of searching but I finally found one big enough to hold a family sized box of cereal.  I also wanted easy access to snacks and those I use to make their lunches as well as any lunch making supplies such as bags, napkins etc…  I bought some baskets from a local dollar store to group like items together.
Finished pic pantry
I am very excited about the new shelves.  They look better and nothing falls to the bottom anymore.  I feel better when I open it and look in.  I had undergone a massive declutter of items in there.  Extra tupperware, appliances we no longer use and kid items that are no longer necessary were donated.
How about using this soap dish to store your bag clips.
Soap dish as bag clip holder pic
How about a little note keeper to keep track of pantry items that you need to restock. Below I have a free printable available for your pantry as well.
Pantry Stock Pic

Pantry Stock Sheet 2

Overall, I am very please with my first massive spring clean and quick diy pantry reno to make my everyday living space more pleasing and functional for me, the CEO of the Adalinc House.  I hope you found this post helpful, it is a bit of change from my book posts but this is what is happening in my life right now.  As with any diy projects results may vary and I would also ask advice at your local home development store for professional advice on projects.

As always cheers and happy spring,

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