warm artichoke dip

Finding a Warm Artichoke Dip Family Favourite

Artichoke hearts, I have never eaten them ever until recently I tried a warm artichoke spinach dip at a local restaurant.  Now I’m obsessed with it.  If a restaurant has it on their menu I’m ordering it whether the rest of the table wants it or not.  I went to the internet and of course there is no shortage of recipes to try.  I have decided to attempt to make different ones until I find the one I absolutely love.
This is not a sponsored post of any products, it will just be the ingredients I use in my attempts. I will dish out the good and bad of my cooking attempt. I am not a food blogger just a stay at home mom searching for a simple yet scrumptious warm artichoke dip that I can enjoy by myself or I can work on and maybe use as appetizer for adults at parties.
Attempt #1: Warm Artichoke Dip from All Recipes Here is the link to the recipe
I choose this recipe to start with because it is a simple 4 ingredient recipe.  This can become my starting point.
Their recipe:
1 cup of chopped Artichoke hearts (I assumed fresh but I had picked up artichoke hearts marinated in oil)
1 cup of parmesan cheese (I didn’t have any in the house!  What!!!  Shoot I guess I will have to try with Mozzarella)
1 garlic clove
1 cup of mayonnaise  ( I used Kraft Miracle Whip Calorie Wise)
So I guess it isn’t exactly the same recipe from All Recipes but my own weird appetizer.
Supplies for Attempt #1
First I chopped the artichoke hearts up into smaller pieces and the garlic gloves (yup I put in 2 instead of one because apparently I need protection from vampires) and mixed them together in a bowl.  Then I took the mixture and put it into my Magic Bullet and turned it into more of a paste which is what you see in the picture below.
Then I added the 1 cup of mayonnaise to the bowl and about 1 handful of cheese and mixed.  Then I poured all of it into my pie plate and spread it out.  Then I topped it with some more cheese.  Then I put it in the oven (which was preheated to 375°f) and cooked for 15 minutes.  It wasn’t quite ready yet so I put it in for an extra 3 minutes.  The photo below is when I took it out.




Warm Artichoke Dip

I inserted some Multigrain chips and I couldn’t resist trying to make it fun for my kids.
However fun it might look it is not a winner.  I repeat do not attempt this one at home.

Adalinc Warm Artichoke Dip

What I think is wrong with this one:  the only thing I could really taste was the mayonnaise and the artichoke hearts.  I think I’m in need of recommendations for the right brand or kind of mayonnaise to use for the dip.  I have seen some recipes that use sour cream and/or cream cheese and maybe that would make this better.  Mr. Yoda tried it, and it came out fast with a ‘yuck, yuck, yuck’ so it definitely is not kid friendly.  But I will not give up, I will prevail because I’m obsessed and can’t afford eating it out at restaurants.  So if you want to follow me in my quest to find our family’s favourite Artichoke Dip sign up to get my post updates, or follow me on Twitter, or on my facebook page.

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