*This post has been updated to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of this fabulous country*
Soon it will be July 1st and Canadians everywhere will be celebrating this wonderful nation of ours.  150 Years Strong and Free!
There are so many reasons to appreciate and honour Canada. I love our diverse landscapes, our multicultural heritage, our devotion to hockey and I even love our history. I may be a bit bias though as I am a former Social Studies teacher. I have not travelled yet to ever corner of the country but I have been to the old growth forest on Vancouver Island and whale watching on the St. Lawrence River. I have worn the blue parka and been drenched in Niagara Falls and I have strolled the streets of Old Quebec City and Montreal. I have shook hands with Bonhomme during Carnaval and one time I even celebrated Canada Day in Ottawa and tried to see the Queen. No luck though. Oh wait, I did see the top of her hat.  And with everything that goes on in the world I am so very grateful that I get to live and work here.

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Here are a few of our/my favourite places.
Lake Minnewanka – Banff National Park
And of course the wildlife.  We took a trip last summer to Radium Hot Springs and if you walk in the evenings in this cute Canadian town you are sure to spot some form of wildlife.  *This photo was actually taken from our van*  Please respect the wildlife and do not try to go near them or feed them.  Wild animals are unpredictable even if they look cute. Does anyone in your family love geocaching then don’t miss out on the special geocache coins available in the national parks.  You can read more here. 
 Canada Day Desserts supplies

Some of the best Canada Day’s have been celebrating just in our own backyard. There is nothing better to celebrate Canada Day then with a backyard BBQ. If you are celebrating at home this year this cute and easy kids dessert will rock their Canada Day. They can even help you make them.


 Supplies you will need:
  • Marshmallows (these ones I used are the giant campfire roasting ones)
  • Pop Rocks (1 bag made 6 Marshmallows) Strawberry (Red)
  • Plain white icing
  • Dessert Sticks (These ones are from Wilton)
  • Sun Rype Fruit to Go ( to make the Maple Leaf)
  • Maple Leaf shape cookie cutter ( I found my cookie cutter at the Bulk Barn)
All I did was stick the marshmallow on the stick then added a very thin layer of icing to 1 side of the marshmallow.  I placed the pop rocks on a plate and rolled 1 edge of marshmallow in the pop rocks then I rolled the other side.  I then placed my maple leaf shape in the middle using the icing to make it stick. To make the maple leaf shape I simply used the cookie cutter on a fruit to go slice.  I could get 2 shapes out of 1slice.  And that is it!
Canada Day Dessert Ideas
Easy treat for the kids.  They were stealing all my marshmallows anyways!
Canada Day Dessert Ideas


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I hope everyone has a great Canada Day celebrating 150 years!







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