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Halloween: Do a Dot Art
Halloween is one of my kids favourite time to decorate.  I’m usually trying to hold them off until after Canadian Thanksgiving but it is getting harder and harder.  Here is a great activity to satisfy the kids desire to decorate for Halloween.  It is a pretty open craft with very little direction.  Just give them some paint, stickers, foam Halloween cut-outs and some Do A Dot Art.  (Bingo Dabbers can also be used in this activity)
 And just let them loose!  I just let them loose as I like to see what their creative little brains with create and I’m always inspired and awed by children when given the freedom to create.
First, I gave them some paint and the Do A Dot Dabbers.  After they spent some time decorating their paper I then gave them some Halloween stickers and foam Halloween cut outs to use and decorate as well.
halloween do a dot artdo a dot art
Then I gave them some Halloween Stickers and Halloween Foam Cut-outs.
halloween do a dot arthalloween do a dot art
The kids had a blast with this Halloween Do A Dot activity and mama had these finished masterpieces to begin decorating around the house.  Nothing outside yet.
Halloween Do a Dot art

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Do a Dot Art

Do your kids like Do a Dot Dabbers?  There is so much you can do with them.  When does your family beginning decorating for Halloween?