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Make Your Pinterest Business Account Ready for Spring


Spring is the perfect time to clean out our homes so why not our social media accounts as well.  Today I’m solely focusing on Pinterest as it is my number one social referrer everyday. As with all things in social media everything is in constant flux.  Normally, when we declutter we want to get rid of things but that is not the case with Pinterest.  Pins from 3 to 4 years ago are still bringing in traffic to my site even though those pins are less than ideal.

Today I will tackle some housekeeping or updating items for Pinterest and also tell you about a sale in the Pinning Perfect Ecourse from Blog Clarity.  I am an affiliate for this course but it is the only course I have every needed to stay on top of Pinterest and making it my number one referrer to my blog.  The price will be going up later this year so if you are interested there is a $25 discount available only on March 15th and 16th (Code only works on Thursday and Friday).  So let’s make our Pinterest account spring ready!

Here our my top 3 tips to check out to make your Pinterest Business Account Ready for Spring

First, did you check out Pinterest’s Top 100 Trends for 2018.  Here are the categories that may apply if you are writer, mom blogger, craft blogger and a few other interesting ones. You want to be creating posts or pins that will hit what is trending in Pinterest search bar.  It help make you more revelant. My top 5 were:

  • Pom Pom Decor
  • Removeable Wall Art  – As a Silhouette Crafter I’m going to have to explore this one a bit more.
  • Living in the Present
  • DIY Jewerly
  • Self Care Topics

I encourage you to explore the article for more ideas.

Second, have you checked out the new Section part of your boards? You should already have a board for your blog or business.  Now you can create separate sections to help people navigate to find the specifc posts, information or products easier.

Make Your Pinterest Business account ready for spring


Third, did you know you could archive boards.  If you click on the edit button you will see an archive button.  You may want to consider doing this if you have not posted to a board for a while. According to Pinterest it can improve your revelance and notifications. Here is the article for all of the lastest Pinterest tools. 

Now it’s your turn.  Go and spring clean your pinterest business account.  If you want to tackle improving your pinterest strategy I encourgae you to check out the Spring Sale of the Pinning Perfect Ecourse.

If you are simply overwhelmed by the look for the course or don’t have the time and are looking for help with your Pinterest account from set up, strategy to pin creations I will launching my own Pinterest Virtual Assistent Help soon.  Subscribe to my newsletter and snag my launching code when I launch. 


Bonnie Dani

Bonnie Dani

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