PLANNING BASICS 101: The Supplies

January just blew by right into February.  I guess I needed a bit of a blogging break even if I didn’t realize it.  I only posted once in January which is not usual.  The first half of January I was still on vacation and then when we did return there was a lot to catch up on with missed homework and I just didn’t get into a groove until almost the end of January.  C’est la vie!  I have a few post ideas that I’m working on as well as some new book reviews.  So February despite being a short month it is one about getting back on track.

What is the best way to get back on track?  Well, for me it is about doing a brain dump and prioritizing my new goals this month.  In order to stay organized I do use my planners to record everything from menu planning, kids activities, family activities, my activities (yes I actually make sure to plan in a few for myself as well), daily tasks, weekly reminders, other commitments, goals, projects, household tasks and I could go on and on.  There is just so much to take care of with yourselves and our families.  Today, I will give you a glimpse at the planner supplies I plan on using in 2017.

Where to start when you begin planning?  

Step 1: Choose the planner right for you.  Now that is not a simple easy answer.  The first thing you need to determine is if you are a paper or a digital gal.  I’m paper all the way but my sister is digital.  And if you are a paper gal, well, there are just so many options to choose from that it can become overwhelming and it could become a hobby that takes a life all of its own.  In the past I have used an Erin Condren, and various others from Staples or Chapters.

Here is what I will be using in 2017.

One:  Daily Family Life – A regular sized Happy Planner with vertical boxes.

I started using this Happy Planner in July so I have been using it for the last 7 months.  Still loving it but I very interested in their new mini because this is quite large and it isn’t even the largest size.

the happy planner

the happy planner

Two: For Blogging/Writing – a large Recollections planner

I like this one for blogging and gathering of ideas because there is a lot of space.

Three: In my purse – a traveler’s notebook & a small recollections zippered pouch.

I have just started using the recollections planner in my purse to record daily reminders to take with me.  Not sure yet about it I will have to use it for a bit before I decide whether I like it.  The outside is what got me and that it is has a zipper so nothing falls out.

This fabric traveler’s notebook I have also been using for 7 months and I just love it.  I can add and take out books, inserts as needed.  I mainly use it though for menu planning, writing, journaling, brush lettering work, my kids doodling work, and current brain dumps lists.  This traveler’s notebook is from Dream and Anchor Esty Shop. (Not an affiliate link) It is a A5 wide with 2 elastics.

Here is my current planner stack.

Step 2: Pens, Stickers, Stamps oh my!

I love pens that glide, don’t smudge easy and don’t bleed through the paper onto the other side.  I love using all different kinds of colours.  It will depend on my mood and the season.  As you can imagine in February I have a lot of red and pink in mind.  Cute, fancy pens are also frequently used. These are the pens I have gotten as a part of The Planner Society Kits boxes.

I began using stickers and stamps again in my planner and I love the customization it allows me to do within each one.  Also, it has become a part of my morning routine to organize my thoughts and it has become a relaxation time similar to other forms of crafting for me. If you are like me you keep all of your planners because no matter what, they are a form of memory keeping and they tell you what was going on in your life that day, week, month, year.

I have even begun to create some of my own stickers as I love creating this was inevitable. I use my Silhouette Portrait to create and cut out my stickers. This is an example of some I have created in the past.  They are available to my monthly newsletter subscribers for free.

Below is a stamp I have used recently from The Planner Society kit. (Not an affiliate link)  I’m just in love with this kit.

Stamps I have only just started to use but I love them as long as I have everything organized and ready to go.  Most of the stamps you see are ones I received as a part of a planning kit.  Head over to my Youtube channel where I do unboxing videos of the kits I have received.  Here is my last one.

Step 3:  Additional supplies to feed your planning needs.

There are a few other items that you might see planners using.  Some are functional yet cute and well others are just to add based on your personality and preference.  They are planner clips/bookmarks and planner tassels/charms.

Here is an example of some of the planner clips I have accumulated so far.

These paper clips can be used a page markers and they just add that little extra something to your planner.  Below are some that I created super easy and I’m putting together a post on how I made these.

So do you use a planner?  Which is your favourite?

More planner posts you might enjoy how I use pocket folders in my TN to organize my receipts in my purse. 

Happy Planning and Cheers,

Bonnie Dani

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