I have been eating and sleeping Game of Thrones for the past year and a bit.  Repeat binge watching of the HBO series while concurrently reading the book series to notice the differences. Sometimes subtle sometimes not.  I would actually stay up all night to stand in line to buy tickets to my dream character conference panel if it was comprised of the GOT characters.  Very few people elicit this response in me but these characters and their actions and motivation get me all fired up.  

The brand Eventbrite is getting everyone to think about creating their dream author/character conference panel and for a book blogger and writer, the possibilities were numerous.   So many people/characters so little time! If you are an author/promoter curious about conferences or how to sell tickets for your next event in your area or about how to plan one then check out the Eventbrite conference planning management page.  They can help with that. Or read on to find out about my dream character conference panel.


The biggest problem for me was narrowing down the panel of characters.  Of course being a Game of Thrones fan I enjoy many of the characters both male and female but had to narrow it down somehow. In light of the popular #shepersisted recently I decided the female characters that have survived to the end of season 6 would make conference panel I would travel to see.  Nevertheless, #ShePersistedGOT Conference for girls and women who fight the battle everyday to survive, defend their family, honour, oaths, and conquer.

Panelist #1 – ARYA STARK

One of the most fascinating character for me is Arya Stark.  From the beginning she wants no part in the submissive role that girls and women must fulfill in the Seven Kingdoms.  She wants nothing to do with knitting needles and out shoots her brother Bran with the bow and arrow.  She was a spectator at her father’s beheading but from that point there is a progression of her not being a spectator in how her story will unfold.  I found it very liberating when she killed the Waif and told Jaqen H’ghar that she was going home and then took care of Walder Frey.  She seems relentless in her quest for revenge for someone so young.

I would ask Arya “What is her greatest motivator?  Revenge, justice, loyalty to family, or the hope of being reunited with her family? What will she do after everyone on her list is dead?”

Panelist #2 – SANSA STARK

For the majority of the series this character has drove me crazy.  Whimpering about how stupid she is and being a victim and tossed around by who needs her name and using her to their advantage. But in season 6 when she unleashes the dogs on Ramsey that action seemed completely out of character for her.  She could of asked Jon to take care of it, but she choose to kill Ramsey with the use of his own dogs. She stood and watched as his dogs devoured him. And the smirk on her face while walking away. Interesting, very interesting!

I would love to ask Sansa “What can we expect from her now that she has officially killed her first man?”

Panelist #3 – Daenerys Taragaryen

The girl sold to the Dothraki War Lord who by the end of season 6 had 3 dragons, an army, a fleet and more. I love that she seems to trust her instincts and quite often doesn’t listen to her advisors which are usually men.  Unlike most, she is born with a special power but so far it is what she does with her power that brings people over to her side and inspires devotion.

I would ask her “How will you keep yourself grounded given your innate power?”  “How will you ensure your power doesn’t consume you?” “How will you inspire girls and women who do not have powers as you do?”

Panelist #4 – Brienne of Tarth

The brutishly large woman who can fight just as good as any man.  Although, in her story line there are 2 times where she is saved by a man, Jamie Lannister, where she would have likely been raped and killed otherwise.  She goes on with her missions and keeping her oaths to the best of her abilities.  And those are some impressive abilities for a woman of the time.

I would ask her “What would be your best advice for young girls of Westeros who might look up to you as a source of inspiration to take control of their own lives?”

I think she should open up her own school for girls in Westeros who want to learn how to fight instead of dance.

Panelist #5 – Yara Greyjoy

After her father dies, she is told that maybe she could become the first ever Salt Queen, maybe not.  What does she do? Wait for a group of men to decide her fate? I think not! Yara takes the fleet and escapes before her uncle can kill her.  She will have to return to take the Salt Crown away from her uncle so my question to her would be

“How do you plan on convincing the Ironborn that it is time for a female queen?”

Panelist #6 – Cersei Lannister

With this character sometimes I can’t wait for her demise as she does fit the role of an evil queen so well. Other times I admire her fortitude and persistence. How many times did she try to tell her father that he should look to her instead of his sons?  From the beginning she was fighting the old ways.  She had no control and was married off to secure an alliance to a man whom she didn’t love.  But that marriage made her the queen. She was responsible for having her husband killed which then put her eldest son on the throne.  But he was a boy that she could not control.  I often wonder if eventually she would have found a way to kill him while blaming it on someone else. Thoughts I ponder.

Cersei had no control when her daughter got shipped off for another marriage alliance.  She aptly removes those who would resist her having more power and entrusts only those completely loyal to her in positions of power.  She couldn’t have become the first Queen of Westeros without the help of men in her corner, both brains and brawn. She should never be underestimated.  She knows how to play the game well as she told Ned Stark right from the first season.

“When you play the game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

She is cunning, manipulative, ruthless as any man would be in the same circumstances.  So love her or hate her so far she persists. The series is still waiting for season 7 and 8 and I can’t help but feel like her decline is inevitable. I fear she may become know as ‘The Mad Queen’.  I have left out her relationship with her twin, Jamie Lannister, but I would love to ask:

“Do you think he will continue to stand by you, and if not, would you get rid of him too?”

This my dream character conference panel as I eagerly await season 7 of Game of Thrones on HBO.  Who would be on your dream character/author panel?



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