DIY Craft Storage and Organization for Foam Stickers

Today I’m tackling a storage and organization issue in my craft/art area.  If you are a mom of kids I’m sure you have had the joy of containers of foam stickers. There are benefits to using foam stickers in your child’s craft project such as developing their fine motor skills and of course the creativity to create their own work.  It is the clean up and storage of the containers that have been my problem.  The cylinder shape have been difficult to store and when in use those cylinders would just get dumped on the table.  Clean up was not easy or quick.

Foam Sticker Storage

How many of these clear round cylinders do you own?  And how do you store them in your house? I don’t find them to be easy or convenient to store. I got tired of dumping them out only to put them back at the end.  I’m a busy mom of 3, easy, fast clean ups make for happier mom. I have an abundance of craft supplies so an easier, more convenient way to store and organize them would also make me happier.  Happy mom, happy kids, right?  Here is quick video of how we put it together.

Foam Sticker Storage post

I began to collect sturdier boxes that I could reuse.  I wanted a box with a lid in order to add the velcro to secure it close and hide the stickers away.

Foam Sticker Storage


If you don’t want to see the lines of the tape I would suggest using a patterned duct tape that would help you disguise the lines. I found the flower duct tape to work the best for us but we were just using what we had on hand.

Foam Sticker Storage post 3

My daughter and I then covered the boxes with duct tape.  Here is it important to note that you will want to make sure you have enough Duct tape or adhesive tape on the roll to cover your box.  There was enough of the flowered roll to cover one box but not enough with the red and white polka dot roll. My daughter didn’t care she loved it.  Check your tape and the size of your box.  As a crafter and DIYer I often just eyeball everything.


Foam Storage pic

Below the boxes are nicely stacked on top of each other and ready for little fingers to grab to create.  After they are done it is easier to clean up and store them away again and my daughter even used the foam stickers to decorate the box itself.

foam storage post2

Here is a video of my daughter and I putting the boxes together.  In the video you will see how I used the velcro to secure the lid closed.

DIY Craft Storage Boxes Pinterest

I hope this might help you organize your foam stickers in your craft/art room as well.

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