At the beginning of May when I sat down to take a look at my blogging goals, one thing that was consistently on my list since ‘like’ forever was writing more consistently.  I was trying to get 2 posts a week done.  And I found I just was struggling with completing that and also trying to focus on creating more.  So in May I decided to focus on creating more products instead of simply creating posts.  Like so many of us we are all trying to figure this blogging/business thing out.

Today is the 3rd year anniversary of when I hit publish on my first ever post back when I started on the blogspot platform.  I feel like I have come a very long way already.  When I started I wasn’t concerned about anything really as I was like many of us ‘just trying out this blogging thing as a hobby’.  It did spur my creative juices and boy have I had to learn a lot.  Last year I decided why not try to think of my blog as more than just a hobby and perhaps build it into something more.  I switched over to a self-hosted WordPress Site in September.

All around the blogging world you hear all kinds of advice and now there are all kinds of ecourses and ebooks and the like.  I get overwhelmed.  Do you get overwhelmed as well?  I have always found that I blog on such a variety of topics and that I have not really niched down enough but then I have no idea how I would write more than 2 posts a week on very specific topics.  I’m at the point where on some days it makes my head spin.

There is just so much to learn – here are some of the topics I’m currently still trying to wrap my brain around.

  • SEO
  • Crafting Clickable Headlines (I’m aware mine suck usually) something else to work on
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Building Email Lists is your bread and butter
  • Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Periscope and Snapchat.  I can’t even keep up with the first 4.  And I haven’t given up yet on Google+ as I have discovered my Google+ posts sometimes show up high in some search results.
  •  Periscope/Facebook Live
  • Create Opt-ins
  • How to Take Great Photos for Your Blog or where to find legal ones to use.

I’m sorry if I have overwhelmed you as well. I woke up this week and realized I have BLOGGER BURNOUT.  Anyone want to join me with a Friday glass of wine to chat about our blogger burnout on Periscope or Facebook Live?  Just message me.  You can of course find me on Twitter or Facebook. Because not only do I have to create consistent content here on the blog I also have to create a **** (bleep) load of other things as well as work and hone my writing craft.  Plus take care of my family and house. Plus do all my fun things and non fun things.

All of this leads me to my Freebie Friday Printable this week.  It takes me a bit to create printables, probably about the same time it takes to create a post.  So as I said, less posts this month and probably next month as well.  My goal was to create 1 printable a week until the end of June.  My first printable was a set of Washi Tape Stickers and second was a Stay Calm and Craft On Printable. 

These week I created a set of journaling cards sized 3×4 perfect for scrapbooking, project life or for use in your planner.  I needed all of these reminder this week so that is why I created them to share with all of you.


  • CARD #1 – Grateful:  Jot down 5 things you are grateful.  Store in your planner to look back.
  • CARD #2 – Live in the Moment – the present is all we have.  Take a fun break and go do something for yourself.
  • CARD #3 – Good Things Take Time – this one is for anyone building or working blogs or businesses.  Just keep learning and remember you are more than just your blog or your business.  Feed other areas of your life as well.
  • CARD #4 – Pretty Flower – a reminder to surround yourself with inspiration and beauty.

I hope these cards brighten your day, or week.  Click below for a downloadable PDF file or a Print and Cut File for a Silhouette Machine.

PDF File or Print and Cut File for a Silhouette Machine

Live in the moment journal cards

Now let me know in the comments what you are going to do for yourself this weekend?  I think I’m finally going to tackle creating my craft/art space that will allow me to work more freely and productively everyday.  And tonight the family is going to have a Wii Party and play,play and play.  What are you going to do?


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