To keep with the celebration of books for Children’s Book Week I have the new picture book from author Elsa Takaoka and illustrator Cahterine Toennisson, Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree.

I have reviewed and my kids have enjoyed a number of Takaoka’s books already.  Goo and Spot in the Do Not Wiggle Riddle and A Moat is Not A Goat.  The first is a bedtime story and the latter a collection of poems for girls.  I have also had the opportunity to interview Elsa Takaoka about her writing and inspiration for her writing.  When I heard her new book in the Goo and Spot series was released I didn’t hesitate to purchase it.  A little added bonus in the new book is that it teaches a very tricky math concept. Read below for my thoughts and don’t forget to enter the prize offered by author Elsa Takaoka to win the book and a few other extra goodies.

Goo and Spot Orange Tree



Goo and Spot are back and they are as cute as ever.  The illustrations are vibrant, cute, and playful.  Goo and Spot always have something to learn and in this book, they will learn about sharing and fractions.  Yup, that’s right fractions.  Takaoka takes a tricky math concept and incorporates it into this cute story of Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree.

Goo and Spot find an orange tree and 1 orange falls down. Goo is about to eat that 1 orange but then does what is ‘polite’ and cuts the orange in half to split it with Spot.  So now they each have half an orange.  But just as the two friends are about to eat their half of the orange 2 little mice see them and want some too.  What are they to do?  Goo and Spot then each cut their half orange in half again.  Now each of them has a quarter of the orange.  And then 4 teeny tiny ants show up and would also like a piece so each takes their quarter and split in half again and they then have eight parts.

With each split, there is a nice little graphic of an orange on the page to show how the orange was split.  (See photos below)  Then Goo has to think of a solution when more friends and animals show up and they would all like an orange too.  The friends get together and shake the orange tree and then there is a whole orange for everyone.

Through pleasing rhyming text and the delightful illustrations, your child can learn about sharing, fractions, problem-solving, friendship and healthy eating too.  This book makes it easy to grab your own oranges with your kids and start dividing them up and engaging your child in a yummy, juicy learning experience.  To help I will show you a quick activity that can be done in your home to go along with the book.

If you want to know more about Elsa and her books please visit my Interview with her or you can find her on one of these social media sites.


Elsa Takaoka Website 

Goo and Spot on Facebook  – Author Elsa Takaoka Site

Elsa Takaoka on Google+

Elsa on Twitter 

The bright vibrant and oh so cute characters are brought to life by the work of illustrator Catherine Toennisson.  You can find her work at Painted Deer.

This is a nice activity to accompany the book and you don’t need very many supplies in order to do it.

Goo and Spot Under the Orange treeSupplies:

  • real oranges (if you are going to cut up a real one for after you have read the book.


  • No oranges for eating that’s ok you can make some pretend oranges and still learn about fractions. You will need 2 different coloured construction paper (you could also do this activity with just 1 colour and a pencil and have your child draw in the cut portions of the orange) I like having my child cut out the pieces with scissors as it added an extra element of some fine motor practice and gave it a more kinesthetic approach to the activity.


Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree

  • Have your child cut out 3 round orange pieces and 3 round yellow pieces.  (I traced these circles and then had my child cut it out.)

Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree



  • Have your child or you draw out the cut lines on the 2nd colour construction paper (I am using yellow) and then have your child cut out the circles and then along the cut lines to cut half an orange as they would see in the book.

Goo and Spot Under the Orange TreeGoo and Spot Under the Orange Tree

Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree

  • Have your child cut out 4 pieces and glue onto the orange piece to follow like the image in the book.

Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree

Goo and Spot Under the orange tree


  • Have your child do the same with the 8 pieces as well as in the book.

Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree

an activity to go with Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree


an activity about learning fractions

Of course, this activity is best served with nice, juicy real oranges.  Go ahead and enjoy!

GS Orange Tree1


*Disclosure:  I purchased Goo and Spot for myself and a review was not ask for by the author.  I only review books I have enjoyed, my kids loved or that I believe would be a good fit for my readers.  You can read my full disclosure policy here. 



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