Here is my first update to my Manikin March Sketching challenge to myself.  This will be day 3- 7.  For those new to my blog and my Manikin March challenge I am a stay at home mom with a thirst for learning.  As a child growing up I did not work on skills such learning how to draw, paint or just being creative.  Being creative was not on my parents agenda.  They just wanted me to study and graduate high school and do better then they had done.  Sounds familiar right.  Well, now I’m much, much older and have always wanted to work on my creative side but lacked time and energy.  In the last few years though I want to teach my children about discovery and learning I have realized that I have to role model that you can learn at any age.  For seasoned artist please be gentle, I literally am just beginning.  My good friend got me this Manikin Man for my last birthday and challenged me to draw him everyday.  And so here I am with my Manikin March Sketching Challenge to myself.  If you would like to join me please feel free.  I’m using the #31daysManikinMarch over on Instagram.

Here are my Day 3 through 7 sketches:

I’m still only sketching from the front and I had a little more time to try different sizes.  I still use my eraser way too much.

In order to not use my eraser I switched to a felt marker for day 4 sketches.  Had some problems with the arm and hand, but whew didn’t use an eraser and it didn’t feel too bad.

This one I decided to just work on the upper half of the body and still just stayed using ink pens.  I felt a lot better about this one.  I had fun with this one!  Yeah!

Oh my gosh, this was way more difficult.  I tried to sketch from a side view.  I started in pencil but used my eraser a lot as you can probably tell then I tried a smaller version with ink pen.  I have to remind myself it is ok to make mistakes when learning.

Again I started with the pencil and then used the ink pen.  The side view is difficult for me so I think I will go back to front views for the next couple of sketches and then try side view again later in the month.  I may have went too fast.

Cheers and Happy Sketching,

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