Science fair projects-love them or hate them ?  I’m new to them.  My eldest, Mr. Black Licorice, was assigned a project for school.  He is to present a Bug to his class.  To make the presentation more interesting he is to make a puppet of the bug.  He chose a spider but to make it more interesting we narrowed it down to the Mexican Red Legged / Knee Tarantula.  Even though spiders freak me out they are pretty interesting and cool to learn about. In this post we will show you how we made our own DIY tarantula puppet craft.  Since his project the craft has been added to our Halloween decorations each year.  


diy tarantula puppet craft



  • Foam Egg Shape: 1 bigger 1 smaller
  • Styroglue
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Red Acrylic Paint : For the Red Legs
  • Stringy Yarn: it will depend on the spider. I could only find brown and we just used the acrylic black paint to paint the yarn.
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly Eyes
  • Sharpe Stick(to join to styrofoam balls together )
  • Random Plastic for the fangs
First I had my son paint the styrofoam eggs black and I had him paint the yarn as well.
tarantula-craft-3 tarantula-craft-4

When the eggs were dry I inserted the stick to hold the 2 pieces together.
Next we worked on making the legs.  I showed him how to wrap the yarn around the pipe cleaner .
Adalinc to Life

Then insert pipe cleaner into foam egg where you want the legs to go and add a a little bit of glue in hole( very small hole ) and place pipecleaners back and leave to dry .
Adalinc to Life
Legs added
Now we had to make it look more like a Mexican Red Legged.  Note to self: maybe try Red pipecleaners and if lucky stumble across perfect red yarn.
What we did.  I had my son paint the legs red as best he could and also added the red to the foam egg.
Adalinc to Life
Googly Eyes Added
He glued the googly eyes on and added additional yarn to the back by using the glue.  Doesn’t look too creepy !  Actually looking cute.  Now for the fangs.  Can’t forget those.
Adalinc to Life
We decided to use this old plastic handle from I have no idea.  My husband keeps things for just such occassions.  I did the cutting of the plastic.  Please use caution-my child is 7 so I would suggest adult help with that part.
Adalinc to Life
Fangs were added
Made a very little hole for the fang and then placed glue in it and reinserted plastic fang.  Added a few strands of yarn around fangs with the glue as well.
At the back insert 2 pipe cleaners for spinnerets.
Adalinc to Life
My son’s Mexican Red Legged Tarantula Puppet
And here is our Mexican Red Legged Tarantula Puppet.  My son named her Lollipop because she is on a stick.
We are also making replica of her burrowing hole for the science fair project.
I hope this may help any parents out there who are helping their children with projects.
And now Lollipop is an addition to our Halloween decorations.
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