Minion Literacy Activities


Are your children Minion crazy lately?  Who isn’t?  Why not incorporate them into your learning.  We decided to create our own Minion Alphabet out of pudding and jello cups.  I have a 7, 5 and a 3 year old and we can use the cups to target learning goals for each age group.
First my daughter (3 years old) learns the Alphabet with her Minion friends.  Below she is doing target letter practise.


I also have her sing the ABC song and place the letters in the correct order.


For my 5 year old who is in Kindergarten this year, we are doing a lot of sight word practise.


We go over the word then he pulls the letters out to make the word.  *we are currently eating and saving more pudding/jello cups to make all lower case letters as well.*
For my eldest we practise spelling.  I will say a word and then he spells it out using the cups.


How to practice spelling with our Minion cups

I also realized I could add consonant blends and vowel digraphs. Will need more cups.

At the end I just want them to have fun learning and playing.



How we made them:
Pudding/Jello cups washed and dried
Painted yellow with an acrylic non water based paint (the first time I tried I used a water based paint and the paint just flaked off)
Blue and Black Sharpie markers to draw minions on painted yellow surface.
Have fun and Minion on,
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