In my last planner post I showed a picture of some of the planner clips I had made at home with supplies I had found at Michaels. Today I will walk you through how I made these DIY planner paper clips for the spring in my planners.  I’m all about easy peasy DIYs and these little gems definitely are easy and fast to make for your planner this spring.

Supplies you will need:

  • bows or hair ties
  • paper clips
  • hot glue gun

That is it.

First, gather the bows you would like to use and remove the bow from the packaging as well as the backing from the bow. I found these packages of pre-made bows at Michaels (I’m only telling you so that way you can look for them in case you are interested.  This is not a sponsored post.)

Then carefully remove the middle glitter portion.  I did end up ripping a few here and there so go slowly and gently.  You will be reconnecting the glitter piece with hot glue once the paper clip is in place.

Be careful not to burn your fingers like I always do.  You think I would be used to it by now.

Hold middle glitter portion for a few seconds to set.


diy planner paper clips

Make as many as you want in all different kinds of varieties.

diy planner paper clips

Another really cool way I was able to make some paper clips is by using hair ties I also found at Michaels but you could use hair ties from wherever you find some that might in a similar fashion.

See my video on how I made these even faster then the bow paper clips.

diy planner paper clips

DIY planner paper clips for spring

Until next time, cheers and happy crafting and planning,


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