My Wrap Up Of 2016 52 List Project

I’m so sorry this update has taken me a bit but December is always full of all kinds of stuff.  Christmas preps, and well mostly the yearly battle with the viral bugs that hit our family.  It never fails.  Every year since my kids have started school.  Cases of pink eye, stomach viruses, and colds.  It one gets it, well, we do our best to ensure we all don’t get it, but lets face it.  It rotates through the family.  Today I will update how my 52 list project is going and give you the last 3 printables I have created to document my lists.  

 My Wrap Up Of 2016 52 List Project

List 49 is for my list of favourite books. I haven’t completed my whole list yet but number one is The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins.  In fact I think I’m going to rewatch the movies over the break. I love Katniss Everdeen’s character so much so that I even own her action figure doll.  I couldn’t resist.

I will update my books that I have been reading all year but this year will be know as THE GAME OF THRONE year in books for me.  Check out my top fiction reads of 2015 here. I have been slowly pacing myself through each one and absolutely love them as well.  So many characters to love and hate in them.  Also a big HBO TV series fan as well.  No figures yet to add to my collection though.

List 50 was list all my accomplishments this past year.  Yikes, this one I have been procrastinating on as really highlighting what I have accomplished is a bit difficult because I always feel like I didn’t get enough done.  Ok, I did repaint and completely update my oldest son’s bedroom.  That was huge for me.  I did get a new story looked at and have begun editing it.  I had wanted to start query letters but alas that will be on my list to accomplish in 2017.

I hoping to complete these lists over the quiet moments during the break.  What I like about this list making is that if I don’t exactly fill it out this time I can add each year to it.

List 51 is to list the things you want to be known for.  Oh boy, another deep soul searching list that I will have to try not to be too critical of myself.  If I am not a little bit critical how do I make the changes needed to move forward.

And for the final list of the year – reflection on your favourite moments and memories of the year.  I just started this project in November but I can still reflect from the beginning of the year.  This list also helps me with the reflecting I need to do with my One Little Word Project with Ali Edwards.

If you are interested in The 52 List Project by Moorea Seal.  She has this gorgeous journaling book.

If you are like me and would prefer to brainstorm ideas before writing in the journal I have created printables that I use.  Here are the printables for List 50-52.  To get started on January List week 1 is to brainstorm your goals and dreams for 2017.

List 50 Printable

List 51 Printable



List 52 Printable


I hope the reminder of December is full of laughter and memories with family and friends.


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