I’m the type of person that likes visual reminders of my goals.  Sometimes we have to be the person that keeps our dreams or goals right in front of our eyes, right?  Have you been completing goals and action plans?  In January I began writing my big 5 goals on these printables.  If you would like access to this goal setting package consider subscribing to my Newsletter and you will receive them every month to kick off your month outlining your goals and the actions you will take to bring them to life. Here is the package for August.  I have to admit my July was just way too pack that I gave everything a break.  It’s ok to do that too!Blog August Goals Pic

Summer is still in full swing here and I have all 3 of my kids at home so I’m just going to limit my goals this month to thinking and researching.

The main thing I’m pondering this month is whether to do a blog redesign as my one year renewal is coming fast in September.  Wow!  One year on WordPress. One year trying to learn more about blogging as a business. I guess that is another blog post. I continue to enjoy the overall blogging experience and will continue to encourage others and grow.

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Whether your goals are for writing, creating, blogging, personal, fitness, or career we could all use a little encouragement. Having said that here is a free August Desk Wallpaper for you to put on your computer to enjoy and hopefully remind you that ‘Your Dreams Are Worth it’ too.

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  1. Research Blog Redesign Possibilities

I’m only listing one BIG goal this month, well, at least its big for me.  If I do try an attempt a blog redesign I will likely be doing everything myself as I don’t have the extra money to hire a designer and someone to make sure the change is successful.  There are a lot of considerations. If anyone has done this, any advice would be great and much appreciated.

You might be asking why a blog redesign? Well, I get bored easy of the same thing and I have had this set up for a year now. I’m ready to freshen it up a bit.  I began blogging as a hobby 3 years ago and ready to try and propel this blog forward.  Each year now I would like to see some growth and change.  As a teacher I would complete professional growth plans and this feels similar to me.  How can I take what I have learned to benefit or teach others?  At the heart of everything that is me, I love to share knowledge and learn.

Stay tuned for more on my process of my blog redesign or one day you might just pop in and there will be a change.  For the month of August my new newsletter subscribers will get the goals package as seen above plus I have been creating 1 page sticker sheet to also use in our planners each month.  August newsletter has already gone out so the next goals package will be for September, but this sticker pdf you can receive right away.  I usually print the pdf out at home on Avery sticker paper and cut with scissors.  If you subscribe and would prefer a Silhouette Print and Cut file I can send that as well but you would have to let me know.

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