For today’s post I thought I would give you a glimpse into how I have been learning how to create your own glitter text printable using PicMonkey.  I do not come from a graphic design background and so there may be way better ways, more efficient ways, easier ways to create printables.  This is just how I have come to learn to create and my printables are by no means work of art or perfect by any means.  I am more about the process of learning.  I enjoy challenging myself to learn new things.  I find that when I do that my creativity is enhanced in other areas of my life.  When I’m stuck on my writing I go play with something new.  Shake up my brain a bit if you will.

How to Create Your Own Glitter Text Printable Using PicMonkeyThis printable arises out of my desire to create a glitter effect in a quote or saying. I am a royalty member with PicMonkey and subscribe to their newsletter and they sent out a tutorial recently about creating different text mask effects.  Of course, I was attracted like a squirrel to shiny objects to the glitter effect.

In 10 easy steps you too can create glitter text printables.

STEP 1 – Find Glitter Backgrounds: here is where you can save a lot of time by going to free stock photo sites and finding exactly what you are looking for.  I will direct to the the PicMonkey list of free stock photo sites.  It is always important to remember to read the licensing for each photo and not to just take it.  Copyright problems remember.  My way takes a bit more time but I know I took these photos and once I have mine created I have it to manipulate as I want whenever I want.  Here is the link to the PicMonkey article with a list of free stock photo sites.

For me I found these craft glitter papers in my craft stash pile at home.  I believe I bought these from a dollar store in their craft section.

glitter supplies for photos

STEP 2 – Take a photo of your glitter paper in bright, natural light.  Bright, natural light is always better.  I actually took this photo with my iPhone as my DSLR camera battery was charging.  I took the photo with a white background.  Again a dollar store find.  I picked up a white foam board I think from the schooling section.

Gold glitter paper

STEP 3 – Open up PicMonkey Photo Editing App on your computer. Go to EDIT on the top menu bar and open up the photo you just took. Crop your image to just include the glitter paper.

STEP 4 – Adjust your exposure settings until you have your desired look.


glitter text tutorial


STEP 5 – Save this image to your computer as it will become the overlay you use in glitter word project.

Glitter text tutorial



STEP 6 – Okay time to create the glitter quote or saying.  Open up your desired design size in PicMonkey (mine is design setting 8×10) and just leave the canvas as white.  Begin typing your text in black.

Glitter text tutorial

STEP 7 –  Once you have your quote or saying all in position you will then click on the BUTTERFLY (overlay button) in the side menu bar in PicMonkey.

Glitter text tutorial

STEP 8 – Next click on YOUR OWN and find where you saved the glitter photo you had taken previously and open it up.  It will cover your words at first but that is okay because we will fix that in the next step.

Glitter text tutorial

STEP 9 – Click on the BLEND MODE of the overlay and click on ADD.  Oh look, pretty, glitter, gold words.

Glitter text tutorial

STEP 10 – Combine all your elements when you are happy with their placement and make sure to save to your computer.

Glitter text tutorial


Then all that is left is to print it out at home on your home computer.  I print mine out using a HP printer on white card stock paper.  Always remember that each print might be slightly different as it depends on the printer used, ink used and paper.  I always set my print quality to best when ready to print out.

Glitter Gold Gorgeous close up

In the picture below I played with the blue glitter from this hat I found.  I didn’t come out quite as glittery but still loved the effect it gave me.  It was more like a bokeh effect.  So many possibilities so little time.  I could play all day, but alas I must go clean something or cook something.

Blue Sprinkles 2

As a special treat I will provide both as free printables today.  I hope this tutorial can help you create your own unique creations.  I would love see them if it works out.  You can always find me on Instagram and use the #adalincblog so I can find your work.  Or go to my Facebook page and post your picture so I can see it. Go forth and create my lovelies.  If you liked this post please pin it and share it.

Gold Glitter Gorgeous Printable

Sprinkle Some Glitter

*Quality of printing out may vary depending on your printer, ink and paper used. *

You can even use it to create your own signature on your blog.  I had always wondered how it was done.

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