Last fall when I started my new WordPress Site and decided I would take a serious look at my blog as more than just a hobby I knew one of the big factors in bringing traffic to my blog would be and still is Pinterest. My Pinterest journey began as many other stay at home moms did when it first arrived on scene. I would scroll looking for dinners, kid activities and organizational tips for my house. At the time my kids were 5, 3, and 1 roughly. Now they are 9, 7, and 5. Wow! I didn’t realize I have been on Pinterest that long already. It wasn’t until last fall when I switched my account from a personal one to a business one that I started to approach Pinterest from a different angle. I still use it for my own personal idea generations for my home and kids but I also it for my blog.

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Learn How to Pinterest

Have I found the magic yet?  No.  Everyday the top referrals to my blog are a toss between Pinterest and Facebook.  Everyone dreams of those numbers 100k views that other bloggers talk about that they get from Pinterest.  I’m no way near that yet.  And I think it is important to note that just because you take this course or any blogging course it is not a magic pill to magically get those kind of numbers.  If you are new blogger there are ways to leverage Pinterest to help you bring traffic to your blog but there are also a lot of other things as well.  I’m still in my learning process with Pinterest but a reality is that we always will be because the platforms we rely on change the way they do things and then we must adjust.

So how did I learn how to leverage Pinterest for my blog?  By learning from those who have been successful at implementing a Pinterest strategy and are update on the changes that occur.
Blog Clarity Courses

Last fall I decided to spend some money and take the Pinning Perfect e-course  It was cheaper then a lot of the courses out there and since I was just beginning I thought I would it be a good place to start.
Blog Clarity Courses

  • Simple and Easy for me as new blogger for all the technical stuff to follow and slowly make the changes to my account.
  • It is self-paced so I could work through the course content when I had time.
  • It has a life time access as well as access to new content with out paying extra money.
  • It has a private Facebook Group where all the Pinning Perfect Students can hang out and ask questions and get help.

Am I a pinning master now?  No but since taking the course in October of 2015 I noticed an immediate improvement to impressions and repins on my Pinterest Profile as well as bringing people to the blog.

Here was the initial improvement after the course.  My numbers in October do show a slow rise in my audience numbers.

Before Pinning Perfect Course

and then just 1 month after taking the course and implementing the strategies I learned there:

After Pinning Perfect Course Audience

I was steadily improving over the winter months and then I seemed to have reached a peak in March 2016 and in April I have started to notice a decrease whereas before I was steadily increasing since taking the course.  Of course the new Smartfeed was updated in February.

Pinterest Audience Spring

In the beginning when the Smartfeed rolled in my numbers were getting stronger but April everything has basically decreased drastically from where it was.  I have no idea why!  I have to get back in the game and refocus my Pinterest strategy.

Because I have life time access to the Pinning Perfect eCourse I can always revisit the lessons.  I’ll be honest I forgot about half of the information and needed the reminder for lots of things.  But because there has been a change I also figured I needed more information in understanding GROUP BOARDS and how INTERESTS AND FOLLOWERS impact strategy now.

Most of the topics from the first lesson of course I’m familiar with as I went through all of this in the fall but if you are new to maximizing Pinterest for your blog here are some of the topics in the first lesson and there was info in there that I really wanted to have some answers on like Do we or Don’t we delete pins?  And I had been hearing that there is less of a focus on followers and more of focus on Interests.  More to learn as more of the new units roll out.

So here are some of things you can expect to find in the first unit for you to learn:

Unit 1:  Laying the Foundation for Pinterest Success

  • It will walk you through step by step on how to convert your personal Pinterest account into a Business one and explain why you want to do that.  (I had to do this in the fall it was pretty simple and you will gain insight into how your Pinterest boards and pins perform through analytics and it will provide you with the valuable info of how Pins from your site perform).
  • also helps you with how to confirm your website.
  • explains Pinterest Smart Feed and how it works
  • Followers vs Interests (last fall gaining followers was still important but now not so much)  Here is where I need to learn more again.
  • Hot topic of Do or Don’t I Delete Pins?

The instructor for the course is Anna from My Life and Kids and the course is ran through Melissa over at Blog Clarity.    Melissa is the person who wrote Blog Design For Dummies.

I look forward to the remainder of the course which should help me refresh my Pinterest Boards, learn about the scheduling apps, become better at writing keyword descriptions, promoted pins, how to make Pinterest worthy photos and what size, and more.  There is a Private Facebook Group for all Pinning Perfect students past and present and now with Facebook Live Anna will be doing live chats as well.  So exciting!

Leave me a comment of what is your favourite Interest is on Pinterest to follow and your Pinterest account so I can follow you although I know they say followers are not as important but I love to discover new people and interests and you can find me here.

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