Well, here it is June knocking on our door.  Summer vacation doesn’t start here in Alberta until July so it is the tough slog of making it to the end of the school year even though kids just don’t wanna anymore.  I don’t blame them though, I too, start to feel antsy and yearn for a more leisurely spending of my time.  Our summers are not very long here so we try to make the most of every day and its nice weather.

June Goals and Summer Plans

If you have been following my goal setting and were wondering why I didn’t write any goals in May?  Here is the answer. I just needed a break from blogging.  In my last post I wrote about 4 things I needed to remember as a blogger because I was experiencing burnout.  Have you ever felt burnout as a blogger? Actually I believe we all can have what I would call daily life burnout.  We are all busy ‘adulting’ (that is a word now, isn’t).  I forget to have fun as I’m so focused on responsibility, taking care of business, family, home etc… That was why I created the journal cards found in the previous post.  I will keep these thoughts in front of me this month – Live in the Moment- Grateful – Good Things Take Time.  I will be placing the journal cards in my planner so I come across them regularly.

So here are my June goals. I’m going to have more Home/Personal Goals this month and less blogging goals


  1. Plant the garden and front flowers.
  2. Prepare boy’s room for painting.
  3. Declutter Master bedroom closet
  4. Reorganize Craft/Work Area
  5. Clean Out Fridge


  1. New Fitbit owner here – as a bigger yearly goal to move more – figure out how to get to 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Practice 1 a day hand letter/brush lettering.
  3. Edit My Picture Book Story – prepare to send it out to an editor for more input.


  1. Continue to Update Pinterest Strategy by taking Pinning Perfect Course. *Affiliate Link:  I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase the course but the price stays the same for you.*  You can read my full Disclosure Policy Here.  I also wrote about my experience so far in the course you can find that here.
  2. Continue with Freebie Friday Posts until end of June and then re-evalate in summer.
  3. Take more videos to create Youtube trailer.  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.  I know a shameless plug.

I don’t feel weighed down by these goals.  You can always find out what I’m doing by following me on Instagram or Twitter.

And for an extra special treat.  I want to introduce you to my GRATEFUL GARDEN STICKER SET I have created for my Newsletter Subscribers.  It keeps in my theme of being GRATEFUL this month.  I’m so excited as I have a new Happy Planner that I will be able to start using in July.  I create these because quite simply it makes me happy to create and share things.  If you do subscribe and would like the print and cut file for a Silhouette Machine just let me know.


Now for some Summer Plans.

Do you love to plan out your summer or are you more of a let’s take it easy and go with the flow?  Do you make a summer bucket list?  I no longer have preschoolers at home, all my kids are now school aged.  Do you create a routine to follow throughout the summer?  The only thing I know for sure is that I have signed my boys up for 1 camp this summer.  I usually sign them up for 1 camp that runs one week long.  They love this one camp in particular that is out of the University of Alberta.  They have gone now for 3 years in row.  We also have some trips planned but not anything exact yet which makes a planner like me very nervous.  We are thinking about Disneyland this year.  That would be huge for us and I will be looking to all the fabulous Disney bloggers to find the tips and tricks as this will be our very first time.

Hmm, that might be Freebie Friday Printable this week.  Summer Planning Sheet for Families.  What do you think?

Happy Planning, Goal Writing and Cheers Everyone,

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