Well, the outside of my window looks pretty similar as the beginning of March although it is a lot warmer now and the light dusting of snow is not going to hang around.  I think its safe to trade in my winter coat for my in-between season coat.  Not quick sandal season yet, another couple of months before that happens.  But I will take the sunshine.  Here is a recap of my March blogging goals.


  • Consistently post 2 a week.   I posted 7 times.  So again almost twice a week.
  • Continue to grow subscriber list  My subscriber list is up to 7.
  • Create Youtube Trailer    I’m currently still taking videos and then I will have edit it together.  Work in Progress
  • Learn How to Grow Engagement on Facebook Page. I just don’t get Facebook and how to grow.  Anyone with tips or ideas I’m all ears.
  • Update Revive House Plans  Nothing done here – must refocus on it to create a game plan.


  • Create Editorial Calendar for April
  • Continue to record videos for use in Youtube trailer & edit and put together
  • Create a posting plan for Facebook
  • Create a list of questions to ask on Facebook to increase engagement
  • Join Facebook groups to grow blog, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create new printable with new Silhouette machine & provide only to subscribers (Opt-in possibly)
  • Post on Instagram with the Gram Gang. Want to know what this is all about check out Small Talk Social – The Gram Gang

Let me see what actions I actually took in March.  I have been recording videos for the Youtube trailer but have not edited them together yet.  I did add one new Youtube video though.  Remember I said it would be hard not to be distracted by my new Silhouette machine.  Well I was right.  I love to play with new toys.  Here is my new video:

I have created a new printable that I will provide as the new opt-in for new subscribers.  It is great because I can provide it to you as a print and cut file for your Silhouette machine or as a printable pdf to print out on sticker paper you have at home.  I usually use Avery Sticker Project Paper on my HP inkjet printer and then you would have to cut out yourself.  But hey is is free!  I’m really loving creating stickers.

If you would like this print and cut file I will be offering it as an opt-in to my Adalinc to Life Newsletter.  You can find it at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar of the blog.  Easy peasy!  I only send a Newsletter once a month right now.  The more I create the more you will receive.  When I created these I was using the dimensions of my new Happy Planner that I will begin using in July hence Beach Day Stickers because July is when it is hot enough to go to the beach.

Beach Day Stickers

I did join some Facebook Groups but they seem to be better at building my Instagram account right now, not Facebook.  I have not created a posting plan for Facebook.  I’m still working on a list of questions to increase engagement there but again all of it is a work in progress.

April Blogging Goals


  • 8 Posts
  • Grow Subscriber List to 10.
  • Create a Plan/Posts for Summer time
  • Increase Facebook Engagement
  • Update Revive House plans


  • Follow my editorial calendar created for April
  • New printable opt-in for subscribers for April (see above sticker sheet)
  • Brainstorm Summer Post Ideas
  • Create little videos for Facebook & a list of engagement questions
  • Focus on one room in the house and declutter/update posting for May

Ok, time to get to work.

Here are the printables I use to record my blogging goals and action plans just click on them and it will take you to a printable file.

blogging stats monthly trackerput your goals into action planning sheet

April Goals Sheet


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