The first Monday in March.  Could winter almost be over.  I’m not holding my breath as I look at my window this morning.  Although, for March half of our backyard has melted away which actually is ahead of schedule.  It has been a very mild winter.  When I gets to March though I long for spring, less jackets, pretty shoes, no scarves or toques. I love the energy that spring brings.  Today though as I write my new March blogging goals I’m just not jumping off my couch and doing stuff.  Instead I’m lounging longer than necessary in my pjs and sipping my hot coffee.  This photo sums up how I feel this morning.

Monday Coffee


View outside window march7:16


This biggest obstacles this month might be staying focused and not being distracted by my new silhouette machine.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about creating my own stickers that I can just cut out with the machine.  It will take me a bit to learn how to do everything and I probably will be obsessed with it this month while I learn how to do lots of stuff on it.  But here is to new creative adventures which does give me energy.  I love to learn new things and create my own stuff.

Silhouette Portrait

Here is a recap of February Goals:


Lots of work to do yet. So here are my February Big 5.

  • This month I’m working on Growing my Instagram account. I have recently just reached 500 and now working towards 1,000. I’m going to give myself a goal of 600 though for the month of February.    I finished February and started March with about 580 which I was pleasantly surprised me.  What wasn’t as successful was the link up I tried on the blog to grow Instagram accounts.  If you want to grow an a specific social media platform your best way to do so is to learn everything you can about that social media platform, find some successful people on it and see what they do and research hashtags relevant to your blog, or business to help you grow.  I have been collecting valuable Instagram resources and if that interests you.  Check out my Adalinc INSTAGRAM board.  More than 85+ posts to help you with Instagram.

Follow Adalinc to Life ‘s board Adalinc INSTAGRAM on Pinterest.

  • Again try for 2 posts a week.  I posted 7 times.  Almost 2 a week.
  • Continue to grow my subscriber list from 5 to 10.  I added 1 more.
  • Create the Tutorial Post  —- Not yet.
  • Create the Youtube trailer — Still recording videos for this one.

This year I’m trying hard to blog with more intention and to help me do that I have join Sweet Tea LLC: Blog With Intention Series to learn more about blogging and being more intentional with my tasks and goals.  Now for my March Blogging Goals.

March Blogging Goals Title



  • Consistently post 2 a week.
  • Continue to grow subscriber list
  • Create Youtube Trailer
  • Learn How to Grow Engagement on Facebook Page.
  • Update Revive House Plans


  • Create Editorial Calendar for April
  • Continue to record videos for use in Youtube trailer & edit and put together
  • Create a posting plan for Facebook
  • Create a list of questions to ask on Facebook to increase engagement
  • Join Facebook groups to grow blog, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create new printable with new Silhouette machine & provide only to subscribers (Opt-in possibly)
  • Post on Instagram with the Gram Gang.  Want to know what this is all about check out Small Talk Social – The Gram Gang

Well, there we go.  I have set out my blogging goals and some action plans.  Do you have blogging goals?  Creative goals?

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I have been using these printable to record my goals and actions and social media growth.  Feel free to use them as well if you like.


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