So, have you tried to win one of those fabulous loop giveaway prizes on Instagram?  I don’t know if our chances are better or worse than winning the Lotto Max but sometimes I enter them.  I don’t mind entering a good giveaway but the large loop giveaways lately have left me frustrated. As a blogger, I understand why shops, bloggers, small businesses participate in a loop giveaway and it can bring in new followers.  But I’m not sure it brings in engaged followers who will then become future customers.  Maybe it does.  I have a post over on Blog Her this week that summarizes some things I learned about entering loop giveaways and I have some suggestions of how not to turn me or others away from your account.  Online shopping is increasingly becoming the norm so every entrant in your giveaway could become a future customer.  I know though that there are problems with people who simply have giveaway accounts, but this is the case whether your on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms.  But there are also real people who could potential buy your products and those are the ones you want to attract and keep.

What I Learned About Instagram Loop Giveaways.

Read more on Blog Her about What I Learned About Loop Giveaways.

What is your experience with them from a entrant or participant point of view?  I will definitely be more selective of which giveaways I will participate.  I’m also wondering if there is another way instead of the massive loop giveaways?  Hmmm, thoughts to ponder.


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