Another year winds to a close, can it be already?  It was a big year for my blog as I made the grand move over to a self-hosted WordPress site from the old blogspot site during the summer and launching in September.  And if you stuck with me through it I’m truly grateful.  Thank you!  If you have just found me on the WordPress site I thank you as well for taking the time to comment, share and/or read my posts.  We love to know that our words help or make a difference. One of my goals for the new year is to continue to write posts that inspire, inform or provide you with something you can take away and use in your everyday.  We are busy moms and it doesn’t matter how we mom, yes I’m using it as a verb, we can all use support, encouragement, and inspiration as moms, and as women.  We love our kids and our families. I don’t strive to have the Pinterest perfect anything although I have learned that if I don’t try out new things I don’t grow.  I find myself saying to my own kids, growing up is hard to do, there is a lot for you learn.  Well, here is the thing, mom is still growing up too!  I’m still learning, changing, adapting, growing too!  Let’s celebrate the past year and say goodbye to 2015 and lets embrace and celebrate all the new things, all the wonderful moments, all that is yet to come in 2016.  As a special thank you to I have created a Goals Worksheet that can be used for whatever kind of goals you want to set.  I have realized that I work best with a plan so if you do too I hope you may find this helpful.  Today you can pick up your free January Goals Sheet here or some New Years Journal Cards for memory keeping as my special thank you for stopping by.

January Goals Sheet 2016 Free PDF File

January goals sheet for 2016 to use for personal use or to set blogging goals

New Year Journal Cards Free PDF Printable

New Years Journal Cards

What will you be using your goals sheet for?  Personal goals, blogging goals, school goals, exercise?  I would love to know how you use your sheet.  I will be using this sheet as my blogging monthly goals sheet.  I will have one for each month with a new different quote for each month.  If this might interest you please consider subscribing to my posts by email or to my newsletter so you won’t miss a month as I do intend on creating a lot more for you and me to inspire, support and encourage us in 2016 to have the best year yet.  Are you with me? And on to the what readers enjoyed the most this year on Adalinc to Life.  Feel free to browse and discover something new that you might have missed.


a round up of the most loved posts on adalinc to life in 2015

Now on to the what readers loved the most in 2015 on Adalinc to Life

the top posts on the blog Adalinc to Life in 2015


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early chapter books recommendations

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The Puppy Collection

Double Happiness

Double Happiness book review and diy happiness box

Outstanding in Rain

Outstanding in the Rain book review


Heidi Swapp Planner Kit Unboxing

unboxing of the new Heidi Swapp Personal planner kit from Michael's

Halloween Planner Stickers and Free Printables

planner stickers erin condren


What a Mouse Can Teach You About Overcoming Writers Block

what a mouse can you teach you about overcoming writers block

Tips For The Summer Blogging Slump

tips for your blog when blogging numbers are slow


Let me know if you had a favourite post from last year?  Or what kind of posts would you like to see more of in the new year?  Let me know in the comments.

Cheers and Happy New Year to you,

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