The Puppy Collection by Susan Hughes

The Puppy Collection

The Puppy Collection

Do you have a child who loves dogs?  There is just something magnetic about puppies that draw children to them.  They are so cuddly, cute, and energetic.  My kids have been bugging me about getting a dog as pet recently and I’m sure it will continue for years yet.  Until then I have the perfect early chapter book series to introduce to them and you.   It is the puppy collection by Susan Hughes published by Scholastic.  Susan is a Canadian author with over 40+ books for children.  She is also a freelance editor of educational materials and provides manuscript and coaching services for authors.  She has been writing for children for well over 20 years.

I was first introduced to the series when I saw the third book in the series.  Bijou Needs a Home.  I was drawn to it right away as when I was a kid I had a bichon frise puppy named Bijou and she looked just like the puppy on the front cover.  The series is recommended for ages 7+ and combines the topic of taking care of dogs at a dog grooming salon with real life issues such as responsibility, compassion, friendship, and jealousy that children of the same age are often confronted.

The Puppy CollectionIn Bijou Needs A Home, best friends Kat, Maya, and Grace are recruited by Kat’s Aunt Jen to help out with three bichon frise puppies that were left at her dog grooming salon.  She needs extra help until homes can be found for these new puppies.  Kat worries about one shy puppy, Bijou, wondering if he will find a loving home?  At the same time her friend Grace is being teased at school by another girl.  In the end, Bijou will play a role in helping the girls solve their conflict.

This series is a delightful early chapter book series for anyone who loves puppies and dreams about having one or taking care of one.  As the main characters are girls, this series is likely appeal to girls of the same age.  There are 7 books in total in the collection so far with more on the way so stay tuned for more puppy excitement.

If you are thinking this would be a great collection for your classroom library or home library the author has a Goodreads Giveaway on for the next 27 days to giveaway the first two books in the collection.  (as seen above)

Here is the link to the Goodreads Giveaway.  It is only open to Canadian residents but it is a great way to begin your puppy collection at home or in your classroom.

If you are interested in more of Susan Hughes books check them all out at her site: Susan Hughes Books


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