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The quirky accident prone eleven year old is back for more mischievous mayhem in Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing.  This is book 4 in the Jesper Jinx series and it continues with more stories that will likely have you shaking your head and saying ‘not again Jesper!’  How can one boy be so unlucky.  If you are not familiar with the series, Jesper Jinx lives in Puffington Hill with his mom, dad and sister, Melinda.  One day Jesper Jinx met the old scribbler (aka the author) who promised to write down all of Jesper’s stories but not to publish them.  In the beginning the reader is always asked to keep the secret before they are allowed to continue reading. (See contract below)  But now it is book 4 and someone in Puffington Hill has begun to recognize the stories of Jesper that can be found published and for sell in a bookstore.  Oh boy, what would Jesper think? Do? I hope the author has a wickedly funny adventure planned for that.

Jesper Jinx goes fishing

So what kind of trouble does Jesper get into in this fishing tale?  Well, first he tries to eavesdrop on his sister’s telephone conversation with her friend with the old glass cup held up against the door trick only the trick will be on Jesper as, of course, he interprets the conversation all wrong.  Melinda will in turn play a prank on Jesper which will result in police officers being involved once again but in the end he saves the day and does good. Despite all the mischief and mayhem Jesper does, in the end helps someone or saves the day in his own quirky way.  I think that is the aspect of the book I enjoy the most.  For the rest of the book I will leave you to imagine what kind of trouble or tricks are usually played with fish on others because caution this book does contain a fishy prank.  At the centre of most of the story is the Spanish speaking Fernando the Ferret and the man in the Black Fedora.  Who is the man in the Black Fedora?  Why is he suspiciously buying a certain children’s book from a bookstore?  Why does he visit the old scribbler?  You know it is only a matter of time before Jesper finds out about all of this.

If you have enjoyed the previous Jesper Jinx adventures, this one continues in the same fashion.  An eleven year old boy who loves boredom busters, and some how always finds himself in the middle of trouble.

For more Jesper Jinx fun head over to the special Jesper Jinx Site and the Jesper Jinx series can be found in Audible format as well.



Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing
Book #4, 168 pages
Humorous Middle Grade Fiction
ISBN 978-1-5086-0008-4
Publication date: 5th September 2015
Contains the stories:
Jesper Jinx and Melinda’s Secret – Jesper Jinx aka Detective J. Jinx – The Man with the Black Fedora – My Great Escape from the Beach (by Fernando the Ferret) – Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing – BONUS: Melinda’s Stinky Nighty-Night Tale
Jesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill. Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster. Hence his nickname “Jinx”.

The fourth book of Jesper’s wonderfully wicked adventures is chock-a-block full of all kinds of fishing tales. There are mackerels to be sure, but also a creature a little bit furrier than a fish running loose on the beach.

And it’s up to Jesper (aka Detective J. Jinx) to save the day before it turns into a fishy nightmare!


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