How is summer going everyone?  Fast I bet.  School doesn’t start yet for us until beginning of September so we still have a few weeks of summer vacation.  I will be taking a blogging break for the next 2 weeks to enjoy the end of summer.  But before I go I thought I would ask 5 quick questions and do an update on what I have been doing with my blog this summer.


Update:  I have transferred my blogspot blog over here to the my WordPress Blog.  It is going to take me a bit to figure out all the different style options and all the other technical issues related to the transfer.  Thank you for your patience as I make this move.

So what have I actually got accomplished so far?

1.  Take care of housekeeping items such as checking for broken links.  I have not made it through everything yet but getting there.  I’m also going through and adding the no follow to outside links as well.

2.  Update photos on old posts and repin them.  Nope haven’t done this yet.  

3.  Make some changes in design elements or add new ones.  I’m thinking of changing hosts and platform so I have been busier researching that then doing anything here.  Something new I have added is the Linkwithin at the end of posts.

4.  Create posts for busier times.  Haven’t done this yet either.

5.  Generate and try out new ideas.  Maybe you have always wanted to start your own youtube videos
     series for your blog.  The summer would be a great time to explore and try that out.  I created 1 video to go with a book review and I think it went pretty well but there is a lot of learning to do there to create more videos.  

6.  Comment on other blogs now that you have a bit more time.  Comments are always noticed and       
     appreciated.  Who knows maybe you will make a new friend or connection.   I have spent more time cruising the web discovering new blogs which means I will update my favourite blogs to follow list but I haven’t done that yet.

7.  If you were thinking about moving hosting or redesign of your blog the summer slow down may 
     be the best time to do it.  I have not made a decision yet on this although I have been researching all summer.  I have concluded that first I need to decide what is my end game for my blog.  I have begun reading blogging books to hopefully help me clarify what I want to do.

8.  Update your favourite blogs to follow list.  Hopefully, I will get this done after my break.

9.  Rewrite you bio for your blog or other social media channels.  I’m hoping to write this while on vacation.  Will see how that goes.

10.  Try out a new social media channel.  If you have hesitated to try out a new social media platform
       the summer could be a good time as you could devote your summer to mastering that platform.  I am happy to say I have done 3 Periscope broadcasts.  This app is hugely out of my comfort zone but it is fun but it definitely more fun when people interact by joining the conversation.  I can see how it can be beneficial for book bloggers, writers, illustrators etc… I have watched lots of videos and might be becoming addicted as I’m always hoping on to see who might be live at that moment.  
11.  Survey your die hard readers and find out what they might like to see in the future.  You might
       just stumble upon a great idea that you could then use the rest of the summer to develop.  As a part of this post.

12.  Clean up your side-bar images.  Nope 

13.  Check all widgets and make sure they are working properly.  Fix or remove them, add new ones.  Nope

14.  Make business cards or order some for those fall conferences.  Nope

15.  Reorganize and update your pinterest boards.   This one I had done in June and have definitely seen my numbers slowly grow.  

If you have read down this far it would be awesome if you could help me complete #11 on my list and I would be so, so, so, grateful.  In fact you would make my day, week, month, summer!  You rock and are the best.  Its only 5 quick questions!

Create your own user feedback survey

If you completed my survey while on my blogspot account I thank you very much.    I will be taking a 2 week blogging break and in that time I am really thinking about the future of my blog.  What direction I should take in?  What kinds of posts to devote my time on?  How to improve my blog in order to grow readership?  So many questions…

If you are interested in my summer blogging plan here is the post: