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early chapter books recommendations
When the summer started I had to round up some early chapter books that would appeal to my son who would be heading into grade 4 but behind in his reading.  He loves stories and books but reading itself has not progressed at the speed in which one would expect for a kid who loves stories and books.  And so we continue to search for books that appeal to him and that are at his reading level.  Here is a list of early chapter books that we have discovered this summer.  I would say some of the books may be of more interest to a boy but most of them I think girls would like as well, as there are both male and female characters in each.  (*Post does contain affiliate links*)

Very cute book where the main character will turn into a monkey, and his monkey self will help solve the problem.

Fabulous series where a brother and sister travel around the world with their travel blogger mother and find adventure wherever they go.

Good Crooks:Missing Monkey!

Mom and dad are crooks so of course they are training their kids to be crooks as well.  But what happens when the kids don’t want to be crooks.  Follow these two as the try to do good without their parents finding out.

Captain Awesome vs. the Spooky, Scary House

Join Captain Awesome and Nacho Cheeseman on a hilarious adventure to prove they are not afraid of the spooky, scary house.

Alexander isn’t quite sure about the new town he has moved too.  He sees those arm waving balloon goons around town – are they after him?  He also discovers a notebook with creepy monster drawings.  What is the secret of the notebook?
Little mouse Ricky has a hard time making friends in school and even bigger problem with bullies at the school.  If only he had a best buddy who could keep the bullies away.  He might just get his wish!
Wrenly is a fantastical kingdom where a regular member of the kingdom loves to hang out with the prince.  Lucas the prince loves going on everyday adventures with his friend Clara.
Follow Zack as he moves to a new planet and enters a new school.
Drake, an onion farmer, doesn’t believe in dragons but the Dragon stone has chosen Drake to become a Dragon Master.  He will join others who must learn what it takes to be a Dragon Master.
Gordon Blue is no ordinary second grader, he has a secret identity known as Kung Pow Chicken.  Gordon along with his sidekick younger brother, Egg Drop, must use their superpowers to save their city from Granny Goosebumps.
Known as the Chicken Squad, these adorable chicks are not chickens when it comes to solving mysteries around the coop.  Their first mystery to solve is to find out what is lurking just beyond the coop, could it be something from out of this world?  Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy, and Sugar will solve it.

I would love to hear about any early chapter books that you think my son might enjoy, please leave a comment about some of your favourites.

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