Teachers Write 2015 has gotten under way.  If you haven’t heard or want more information head over to Kate Messner’s Blog to find out all the details.  I had tried to participate last year but I discovered I wasn’t organized enough.  I have 3 kids at home with me on summer vacation and last year I fell behind and then just didn’t get back on the bicycle.

This year armed with more knowledge, and a more ritual of writing (committed time) I’m hoping I will be participating more this year.  My hope is to journal my progress good or bad here.  Of course, it is summer and with 3 kids in background it will probably still be hit or miss but any writing is better then no writing, right?  So off I go:

Day 1: Teachers Write #1: Kate Messner Blog

Kate invited us to wonder today which I loved as I saw a similar concept at my children’s school this year for the students.  This table was coated in chalkboard paint and then the kids could write their wonder statements down on the table.  My son in grade 3 also kept a wonder journal.  The book you see in the picture is I Wonder by Annaka Harris.  After today’s prompt, I am going to begin my own Wonder journal.

Here were some of my Wonder statements today:
  • I wonder why my 8 year old son is obsessed with using the phrase ‘chicken nuggets’ for everything? Such as ‘awe, chicken nuggets!’
  • I wonder how many personalities my 4 year old daughter can have in one day?
  • I wonder what it was like to come to Canada as a refugee in the 1960s?
  • I wonder about growing up as a kid during the Klondike Goldrush in northern Canada?
  • I wonder if forgiveness can save relationships?
  • I wonder what would have happened to France with no Napoleon?
  • I wonder if my kids will see a man/woman land on Mars or another planet?
  • I wonder how to use my introverted qualities to my advantage?
  • I wonder why the world has mosquitos?

Here is my new wonder journal.


I thought I would also share some of my son’s entries in his Wonder Wednesday Journal he did during the year at school.
His first wonder was :  I wonder what we are going to do today?  Sounds like a typical kid.
2. Is there snow in Africa?
3. How is electricity made?
4. Why do we have weeks?
5. How do trees make oxygen?
6. Why was money made?
7. Why we wear clothes?
8. How are bandaids made?
9. Why do people need food and water to survive?
10.  Who was the first to make names in the ice age?
11.  Who was the first to make a water bottle?
If you are participating in #teacherswrite this summer I would love to know.  Also check out the Monday Morning Warm Up from Jo Knowles.