summer slump

It’s summer slump time.  Instead of worrying about it take the opportunity to do other blogging tasks that you have put off or personal/household items you have let slide because you have been blogging your little fingers off.  Here are 10+ tips to for the summer blogging slump.

10+ Blogging Tips for the Summer Slump 

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1.  Take care of housekeeping items such as checking for broken links.

2.  Update photos on old posts and repin them.

3.  Make some changes in design elements or add new ones.

4.  Create posts for busier times.

5.  Generate and try out new ideas.  Maybe you have always wanted to start your own youtube videos
series for your blog.  The summer would be a great time to explore and try that out.

6.  Comment on other blogs now that you have a bit more time.  Comments are always noticed and
appreciated.  Who knows maybe you will make a new friend or connection.

7.  If you were thinking about moving hosting or redesign of your blog the summer slow down may
be the best time to do it.

8.  Update your favourite blogs to follow list.

9.  Rewrite you bio for your blog or other social media channels.

10.  Try out a new social media channel.  If you have hesitated to try out a new social media platform
the summer could be a good time as you could devote your summer to mastering that platform.

11.  Survey your die hard readers and find out what they might like to see in the future.  You might
just stumble upon a great idea that you could then use the rest of the summer to develop.

12.  Clean up your side-bar images.

13.  Check all widgets and make sure they are working properly.  Fix or remove them, add new ones.

14.  Make business cards or order some for those fall conferences.

15.  Reorganize and update your pinterest boards.

The idea with changing anything on your blog during the summer is that there would be less eyes on it so if your readers that stick with you don’t like it they would let you know and hopefully stay with you.  If they like it then when the readers return from holidays you will have something new, fresh and exciting for them and new readers.

If you are like me, summer just doesn’t seem long enough.  Back to school returns and I’m not ready for it.  When you have stepped away from blogging you can also get rejuvenated and new creative ideas can begin to flow.

This summer some of my non-blogging goals are:

1.  Less time blogging means I can spend more time learning something new.  If you have been
following the blog you will know that I’m trying to learn how to draw better so this summer I will
continue in this adventure.

2.  I should have more time to tackle a declutter project that I have been putting off since January.
Baby clothes and other miscellaneous baby items.  Time to let go.

3.  I hope to participate in writing challenges to continue to create and generate new ideas and
practice the craft.  This is one I will be doing Teachers Write Camp organized and hosted by Kate 
Messner is a great community of writers and it’s free.  If you join let me know I love fellow

And of course all of this will in-between some of my other favourite things to during the summer:

adalinc to life
Camping/relaxing in the mountains.

And playing with my kids.

adalinc to life

What are you doing to beat the summer slump?



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