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It has been a bit of a whirlwind 2 weeks.  So I just wanted to say Happy Monday Everyone and let everyone know I’m still here.  Here is what I have been up to:

Reading:  I just started my first ever Mary Higgins Clark book.  I received it as a gift and oddly enough I have never read anything by her before but I do love a great murder, suspense, who done it kind of book.  The last book I read was The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill which appeals to my historical fiction obsession.  If you have any good recommendations for my summer reading list just drop me a comment with the author or book title for me to check out.

Watching: The only thing I usually watch in the summer is So You Think You Can Dance!  I love that show.  I missed the first episode last week but I will be watching it tonight.  I’m interested to see how these new judges work out because when American Idol changed judges I stopped watching.  I really hope this isn’t the case with SYTYCD.  

Writing: I’m in-between writing projects.  I’m finishing edits to my first children’s picture book which has been a year in the making, well, actually longer but actively working on for about a year.  I am working on 2 other ideas to make into picture books as well.  

Drawing: I am still working on practicing my drawing but the month has been heavily focused on my writing and editing, so I will get back to my Manikin Man now.  I will update my progress soon.  

Dreaming:  A few things in this one.  First, I’m dreaming of my writing being published, a new renovated kitchen in my house which then leads me to dream about winning the Lotto Max which leads me to dream about my dream vacation with my family.  You gotta have dreams!  

Moming:  Didn’t know what to call the category of what’s up in being a mother so I’m just going to call it moming.  As a mom, I am currently busy with the end of the school year wrap up which means last minute project completions, meetings with teachers, teacher gifts and soccer, soccer and more soccer.  Did I mention the soccer?  

Planning:  Summer vacation plans are the big thing right now.  Where to go, what to do, how to keep the kids busy?  

Making:  Need to get making Father’s Day gifts.  

Feeling:  Excited about submitting my first picture book manuscript, energized with the hot weather finally, and feeling hopeful about a nice, relaxing summer.

This is a quote I have been loving in 2015 to keep me motivated in my writing and learning how to draw.  

Maya Angelou
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So what is up in your part of the world this Monday or week?  What are you reading, watching, planning, dreaming, making or drawing?  

And congratulations to Vesper Meikle who was the lucky winner of my 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway.